Tummy tuck reviews of patients

  • Tummy tuck scar after 1 year after surgery
  • Officially 1 year tummy tuck post op. I still feel tightness on my scar area. The healing never ends. In thus time I find that I made the best decision in my life by having…read more

  • Massage after tummy tuck
  • Today is the first time I tried to massage my tummy. Felt weird and not sure I’m doing it right. I love the results still! 9days postop…

  • Change bandages after tummy tuck
  • hoping my recovery starts getting easier, gets frustrating seeing everyone else so happy and im miserable, I have a problem spot I have to change bandages after tummy tuck on 3-4 times a day because…read more

  • 4 months tummy tuck post op
  • 4 months post op. Has a y one had similar results?

  • Walking after tummy tuck surgery photos
  • Hi guys lol 3 weeks pO yesterday walking to the store turning heads lol                

  • American tummy tuck
  • Tummy tuck american

  • 4 weeks post tummy tuck
  • Here are pics from today. This is my walmart compression garment I wear and LOVE! It’s a Cupid ultra control high waist garment. It doesn’t roll down and it fits better than the issued garment….read more

  • 3 weeks after tummy tuck
  • I found an old shirt that I bought a long time ago and never wore because it made me feel fatter. Guess I’ll be surprising my hubby tonight! The last pic is of me the…read more

  • 5 weeks after tummy tuck
  • 5 weeks po love my results somedays and someday I don’t ,when I’m standing it’s great but the problems I hate is the bulging right under my breast and when I sit my skin doesn’t…read more

  • Tummy tuck review Seattle
  • I have a full tummy tuck with vaserlipo sculpture onJuly 30th Cost me $12,245.  My surgery is July 30th and I’m having it done right here in Seattle at Seattle Liposuction Specialist – Dr. Lisa…read more

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