Muscle plication during tummy tuck

Tightening of the Oblique Muscles During Tummy Tuck is Possible

The technique you are asking about is not new, and most experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeons would be able to add this technical detail. The bigger question is whether or not it would benefit you as an individual. (Armando Soto, MD, FACS, Orlando Plastic Surgeon)

Tightening of the abdomnal muscles, being Rectus,Oblque or both could be an integral part of transpositional abdominoplasties. Plication of oblique muscles is seldom done if significant trethering of oblique muscles are encountored during performina abdominoplasties or if more flank contouring is desired.

Tummy tuck muscle plication photo

It prolongs the recovery time for additional days and increases hip roll tenderness during recovery time. These procedures Are done inland as well as in overseas. (Fereydoon S. Mahjouri, MD, Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon)

Oblique Plication Usually Not Needed

Surgeons in the US certainly do oblique plication when necessary. Usually, the tummy is tight enough with rectus tightening, however if there is persistent lateral laxity the obliques can certainly be tightened. Downside is increased discomfort and a bit longer recovery. (Brian Klink, MD, Vacaville Plastic Surgeon)

Plication of Oblique Muscles during Tummy Tuck?

Abdominoplasty picture of muscle plication during surgery

Plication of the external oblique muscles can be done for patients who would benefit from this technique; is not limited to “overseas surgeons”. The majority of patients I have taken care of have not required this additional step to achieve the accentuated waistline they wish to achieve.

Occasionally, it is a useful addition to the procedure. I do not know of any significant downsides to this additional plication. I was just consultation with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons to discuss your goals in person. (Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS, San Diego Plastic Surgeon)

You can see your research has not allowed you to find the many US PSs that offer lateral plication of some form. It is done as each case dictates its need.

Picture tummy tuck with muscle plication

Why travel overseas for an extended recovery and risks is what I wonder? (Darryl J. Blinski, MD, Miami Plastic Surgeon)

External oblique muscle tightening during tummy tuck

External oblique tightening is always an option during tummy tucks. I will occaisionally use it when it appears that midline plication is not giving the shape I want. Together with aggressive liposuction in the flanks can give impressive reults for the waistline. (Ronald Schuster, MD, Baltimore Plastic Surgeon)