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Realself tummy tuck is a section of the site (, which is dedicated to abdominoplasty. On this site you’ll find reviews of plastic surgeons from around the world. Also on the realself you can ask you a question directly to the surgeon, who is going to do a tummy tuck for you. is a site that dedicated to the aesthetic beauty of the body, plastic surgery and tummy tuck in particular.

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Abdominoplasty realself

Realself tummy tuck also provides a forum for communication and . There is a question and answer section for communication with surgeons or other patients.

Guides and videos about tummy tuck you can find on realself too. These sections exist in order that you understand clearly what is tummy tuck surgery.

Tummy tuck is a surgery to remove excess fat and skin, strengthen the weakened muscles of the lower abdomen, and the formation of a clear proportional contours of the front wall of the abdomen and waist.

The reasons that lead patients to plastic surgeons, may be different. Typically, the abdominal wall deformation occurs after pregnancy.Muscles are stretched and are not subsequently reduced, which leads to the protrusion.

Furthermore, skin and fat “apron” can be formed , which is also subject to excision during surgery. Pregnancy – is not the only factor. The need for a tummy tuck can also occur in those who did not give birth. For example, a cause for concern may be excess skin that sagged after a strong weight loss.

Types of realself tummy tuck procedures:

Compression garment tummy tuck realself

  • Complete tummy tuck with the transfer of navel. This is the biggest surgery, during which performed plastic of muscles (cross-linking and strengthening of muscular frame), plasty of skin of the abdomen – the excess skin and fat tissue is excised, and the edges of the wound sutured, and  “transfered” navel. In fact, the navel is left in place, just redistributed tissue around it. Typically, after the complete tightening of the abdomen remains a long horizontal scar, which specialists arrange below the laundry as much as possible. Often necessary to combine tummy tuck with removal of abdominal hernia.
  • Mini-tummy tuck. Small amount of surgery involves excision of excess skin and, if necessary, strengthen the abdominal muscles in the lower part – the zone from the pubis to the navel. After the mini-abdominoplasty remains a small scar that is easily hidden in his underwear. Recovering from a tummy tuck is much easier tolerated by patients, and reduces the duration of the surgical correction.
  • Endoscopic tummy tuck. This method has very limited testimony, however, in some cases it is advisable to carry out exactly it. We are talking about a patient with impaired tone of the abdominal muscles, but without excess skin. With these testimony surgery is performed through 3 small incisions, thus avoiding long post-surgical scars.

Progress of realself tummy tuck

Patient compulsorily undergoing medical examination before a tummy tuck. If a plastic surgeon doesn’t reveal contraindications in patient, he allow him to do surgery. Directly precedes the surgery talk with a plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist. Next – the operating table. Once for the patient did anesthesia, the surgeon proceeds to his work. First he makes incisions on marked lines, and then to mobilize tissue, excises surpluses and stitches the wound edges.

Scars after tummy tuck

After realself tummy tuck

Many patients are hesitant to abdominoplasty because of postoperative scarring. Of course, do tummy tuck without scars can be only in one case – if there are indications for endoscopic abdominoplasty. In this case, the correction will be carried out through a small incision no more than 2-3 cm.

If we are talking about full tummy tuck, you can not do without a horizontal cut. However, it should be taken into account the fact that the cutting line is often below the upper boundary of the laundry, so scars in any case will be hidden. After surgery, you can safely wear separate swimsuit and not worry that someone will see the scar. Moreover, modern sutures and suture technique would greatly improve the aesthetics of post-surgical scars.

Recovering after abdominoplasty

Realself abdominoplasty

After a realself tummy tuck, surgeon establishes drainage to the patient, which control the outflow of wound fluid. This helps prevent the formation of hematoma, seroma, fluid buildup. One of the main requirements of the patient – limit physical activity to a minimum, including household chores.

Necessary to protect the abdominal press, follow the diet and bed rest. You need to get out of bed carefully – first on side, then sit down and then stand up. Regularly treat the seam with an antiseptic solution.

First postoperative days should refrain from taking a shower and eliminate thermal treatments (baths, sauna, solarium).

Risks and complications

Tummy tuck realself

Percentage of unsuccessful surgeries to remove excess skin and subcutaneous tissue in the abdominal area is small.

Likelihood of complications after surgery is minimized if tummy tuck is performed by experienced surgeon. Most common complications include:

  • negative reaction to the anesthesia
  • seroma and hematoma
  • infection and bleeding
  • changes in the sensitivity of the skin
  • scars
  • allergy

Today techniques tummy tuck have reached such heights that allow for 100% satisfy the aesthetic needs of patients, including those regarding the postoperative scar. Plastic surgeons use a number of developments that allow to shorten the length of the seam and put it as low as possible, so that it were unobtrusive from the underwear. In addition, surgeons use endoscopic techniques and operate the patients through 3 small incisions that can make abdominoplasty without scar. Of course, each case realself surgeons consider separately and, based on the evidence, choose the best technique of surgery. More information you can see on realself tummy tuck.