Where to do plastic surgery tummy tuck?

Office based surgery centers vs hospital operating rooms

Almost every board-certified plastic surgeon you will meet operates in at least one hospital. Having hospital privileges is a requirement for most accrediting organizations. There are several reasons why so many of us and our patients prefer surgery centers. First and foremost is patient safety.

I run my own AAAASF-accredited surgery center which allows me to hand-pick the best nurses, anesthetists and other staff to help me take great care of you.

I have no control over who is working in the hospital. Most surgery centers also have MUCH lower infection rates than hospitals.

Cosmetic Surgery In A Hospital

The second benefit is cost. Hospitals are expensive to run and that cost is passed on to you. I have no influence on the anesthesia and facility fees that they will charge my patients. I am much better able to control costs in my own center and I pass that savings on to you.

Additionally, I am able to offer better service in my own operating room than I am at a hospital. I offer a variety of surgical dates and times and my staff is particularly attuned to your needs. It’s equivalent to the service difference you would notice when comparing a fast food chain to a sit down meal at a family owned restaurant. (Andrew Jimerson, MD, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon)

Cosmetic Surgery In A Hospital Or Outpatient Surgery Center?

Surgery centers vs hospital

There are many reasons for plastic surgeons to perform cosmetic surgery in a private outpatient surgery center. The facility should be accredited by AAASF or similar governing body. The surgeon should also have privileges in other facilities (hospitals/surgery centers) and chooses to operate in the their center because they can, not because they have to. Staff at private facilities are experienced and dedicated to cosmetic surgery which is usually not the case in a hospital. There is continuity of care benefits as well in our facility. The nurses, techs and other staff you meet during your consultation are the same caring people you will see before, during and after your surgery. Timing and scheduling of surgery is much more convenient in a private setting not to mention that it is quieter, less hectic and offers more privacy. Most of the time, private facilities are less expensive as well. Overall, a healthy patient in an accredited, properly staffed facility will receive care that is as safe as any hospital. (Douglas L. Gervais, MD, Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon)

Office facility versus hospital

surgery center is more safe

The main reasons for a surgeon operating in his office are cost, convenience and efficiency. The back-up services (cardiologists, anesthesiologists, other specialists, ICUs, special equipment etc.) are far greater in a hospital; so most people would consider that the hospital is indeed ‘safer.’

The risk of infection in a hospital is not greater when we consider day surgery. Unfortunately, hospitals are not geared to quick turnovers and the nurses and technicians are not selected by the surgeon.

Operating is not so slick and can be frustrating when the staff is inexperienced. Furthermore, hospitals are not particularly keen on doing cosmetic surgery, because they are paid much, much, more by insurance companies for reconstructive cases.

private outpatient surgery center

They do cosmetic surgery as a favor to the Plastic Surgeons, who they hope will use them for insured services. Nevertheless, if a patient has any serious medical condition, then the operation should be done in a hospital. (J. Brian Boyd, MD, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon)

Why an office surgical facility

Actually, most of us do work at the hospital, though we use our accredited office facility for several reasons. First consideration is cost, as the hospital cost basis is higher so they can provide necessary services to the community. Second is safety. We feel that an accredited and well run office facility will have a lower infection rate, and help avoid medical errors seen in busy hospital settings. Finally, we think you will like the experience of a private, dedicated specialty staff, with a quiet nonrushed atmosphere. (Peter E. Johnson, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

You should be able to have your surgery at outpatient surgery center or hospital

A hospital surgery facility

All board certified plastic surgeons suppose to do their surgeries at certified centers. Most plastic surgeons prefer outpatient surgery center because of convenience, privacy, cost and safety. Hospital are safe but you want your surgery at a place that your surgeon is comfortable and staff are used to doing the procedure. Your surgeon should have privilege at the local hospital and if you feel safer at the hospital, then do it there. (Kamran Khoobehi, MD, New Orleans Plastic Surgeon)

Hospital vs. private surgery facility for plastic surgery

There are several advantages to having elective plastic surgery in a private facility vs a hospital, provided that the facility is accredited by an agency such as AAAASF.

surgery centers

Hospital are for sick people so your experience there will be different. In a private facility, you will have more privacy. A hospital surgery facility has to cater to a wide variety of specialties, while a private facility is designed to do only a few things but do them very well. Hospital nursing staff may not be as familiar with the fine details of plastic surgery procedures.

The basic idea is that the plastic surgeon has greater control over every aspect of your care in a facility that he or she owns, but with equal safety. One more thing to point out though is that the surgeon should have priviledges at the closest hospital for the procedures that are performed in the private facility, so that their qualifications have been independently evaluated. (Richard Baxter, MD, Seattle Plastic Surgeon)