Tummy tuck in Augusta, Georgia

Augusta GA tummy tuck

The latest equipment modifications, endoscopic technology and high-quality anesthesia allow to carry out complex surgery on the face and body at the same time, in compliance with all safety standards. Because of this, patients are able to solve not one, but several problems at once – with the appearance and at the same time with health.

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Dissatisfaction with the form of your abdomen (the desire to reduce the stomach), the excess skin and fat tissue in the abdominal area, the formation of folds, omission and distortion of the navel, stretch marks on the skin of the abdomen. All this significantly distorts the shape and contours of the body. Tummy tuck removes these figure flaws.

Surgery tummy tuck

Tummy tuck in Augusta GA

Abdominoplasty surgery consists in excision of excess skin and fat of the abdomen. Also, during a tummy tuck is formed and strengthened the front wall of the abdomen, middle line of the abdomen is narrowed , forming a beautiful waist. Abdominoplasty returns navel to a higher position with the formation of a light hollows above the navel, creating a kind of “girlish” belly.

Tummy tuck Augusta GA

Tummy tuck leaves postoperative scar. It remains in the abdomen and it is not visible when you wear lingerie. In Augusta clinic performed abdominoplasty of belly with so-called “high tension” in the modification of the famous French surgeon Claude Le Louarne.

Augusta GA abdominoplasty

Tummy tuck in Augusta, GA with high tension is different from the usual surgery a uniform tension over the entire area of the skin of the abdomen. As a result of the belly remains flat without wrinkling irrespective of the position of the body. With this method of tummy tuck is virtually eliminated the risk of complications. As a result of surgery appears flat taut stomach with exaggerated waistline, high location navel and beautiful vertical hollow above it. When bending forward, folds are not formed on such belly in the upper part, which can often be after usual tummy tuck.

Anesthesia for tummy tuck

Abdominoplasty surgery is performed under general anesthesia, lasts 2-3 hours depending on the volume. Before Tummy Tucks in Augusta, GA is required to pass examination: blood tests, ECG, fluorography or radiography the lungs, ultrasound of the abdomen and small pelvis. After surgery, it is recommended to wear a special compression underwear for 1 month, compliance with home regime. You can go back to work no earlier than 10 days after surgery.

After tummy tuck in Augusta

Tummy tuck cost in Augusta, GA:

The average price of tummy tuck in $7,160 US dollars.

  • $8,000 – Dr. Billy Lynn
  • $7,160 – Christopher J. Ewart, MD
  • $5,550 – Christopher J. Ewart, MD
  • $5,900 – Augusta, GA;
  • $7,025 – augusta;
  • $8,000 – AUGUSTA GA;
  • $6,400 – William J. Welsh, MD

We have to follow our inner feeling by offering others only those surgical procedures that we would want for our own wives, daughters or mothers, advising with honesty and benevolence, which would meet our loved ones in a similar situation.

As a result of tummy tuck in Augusta you get a tightened flat stomach with emphasized waist. Liposuction at hyperextension of the skin will not allow to achieve the same result.