Tummy tuck in DC

DC Tummy tuck

Tummy tuck in DC involves the removal of excess fatty tissue and skin tissue of the abdomen by a surgical method, removal of stretch marks by laser. Operative intervention of plastic surgery professionals allows to make beautiful shape of stomach, smartness and elasticity. Stretch removal using a laser is one of the most advanced medical procedures.

Experts note the high efficiency of the method, its safety and relative accessibility. Customers of clinic in DC were satisfied with the surgery – removal of stretch marks is carried out by our experts at a high level with the use of laser technology.

Before tummy tuck in DC

Tummy tuck is a difficult procedure, requiring highly skilled professionals and accuracy of performance. In clinics in District of Columbia conducted a survey of the patient, which is necessary in this case, checking for the presence of contraindications, any disease or other factors impeding the realization of surgery. Contraindications for surgery of “removal stomach” are the following factors:

  • disease diabetes;
  • diseases of the internal organs of the patient;
  • obesity;
  • problems with blood clotting of the patient.

Tummy tuck DC

Surgical method of abdominoplasty in D.C. provides for a cut in the navel and bikini area. Plast of the skin is lifted by the surgeon together with fatty deposits, then made strengthening of “prelum abdominale” – rectus abdominis. Then produced removal of fatty tissue, creating a hole navel of desired shape. The next stage of surgery is to remove excess skin – excess in the form of plastic surgery of the abdomen after removal of fat deposits. At the final stage of the tummy tuck are superimposed sutures and sterile dressing.

Potential customers have questions regarding the availability of postoperative scar after surgery to remove the stomach. We hasten to reassure you – it is almost invisible, is located horizontal in the suprapubic area under underwear. Important point – the plastic surgery in the District of Columbia is performed under general anesthesia.

Tummy tuck in DC

Tummy tuck in DC allows to eliminate stretch marks in the abdominal area. There is a method of removing of stretch marks using a laser. This surgery is practiced by professionals and successfully performed in clinics. This technique is non-surgical, painless and does not even require local anesthesia. Removal of of stretch marks by laser is one of the most modern and advanced methods in medicine.

After pregnancy and childbirth, as well as a result of weight loss, skin fold is formed in women in the abdomen. It comes from the weakening or stretching of the abdominal muscles. Abdominoplasty is surgical removal of the skin and the excess subcutaneous fat can eliminate this problem. Abdominoplasty is usually performed in a clinical setting, and the patient remains in the hospital for a period of 1-3 days. After returning home, you need a few days to wear a corset. After a tummy tuck the patient must limit for a while its activity, and is undesirable to lift weights up to 4 weeks.

Five weeks after tummy tuck in DC

Tummy tuck in DC is practically does not involve complications, without taking into account normal postoperative effects: bleeding, inflammation of healing of. If the tummy tuck is performed over a large area, short-term circulatory disorders are possible. Before and after tummy tuck patient should not smoke for at least 14 days.

Indications for abdominoplasty in DC, cosmetic surgery of the abdomen:

  • Excess skin in the abdomen;
  • Excesses of subcutaneous fat in the abdomen;
  • Striae (stretch marks);
  • The discrepancy between the rectus abdominis;
  • Scars on the abdomen.

Tummy tuck cost in Washington, DC

Abdominoplasty in DC

  • $8,350 – Joanne J Lenert
  • $7,880 – Steven P. Davison, DDS, MD, FACS
  • $4,400 – Yily
  • $5,825 – Rhonda Walker
  • $12,750 – Paul G. Ruff IV, MD, FACS
  • $10,000 – Ronald S. Pearlman M.D.
  • $7,500 – Adam Tattelbaum, MD
  • $8,500 – Washington, DC;
  • $12,000 – Washington, DC;
  • $2,500 – Dr. Joseph Michaels
  • $7,500 – Washington, DC;
  • $10,000 – Washington, DC;
  • $2,851 – Dr. Susan Otero
  • $10,500 – Rassael
  • $8,000 – Rondi Kathleen Walker, MD
  • $6,500 – Adam Tattelbaum, MD
  • $7,500 – Adam Tattelbaum, MD
  • $7,500 – Washington, DC;
  • $5,500 – Washington DC;