Tummy tuck in Huntsville, Alabama

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Who among women does not dream of a flat tummy? Another thing is that to achieve this effect, you need to make a lot of effort, but it is not every woman can do. However, there is a way for those who do not have enough time for exercise and diet. Tummy tuck in Huntsville – here is the solution “stomach problems”!

Tummy tuck is performed by surgical intervention. These surgeries do only first-class professionals, with extensive experience in this area. This is because the effect of the success of the surgical procedure depends entirely from a doctor who performs it. If the patient was operated on qualified surgeon, then it will not have any complications. The clinic employs just such surgeons.

The essence of a tummy tuck in Huntsville is the excision of excess skin and fat on the abdomen. Doctor decides which way to do tummy tuck, building on the state of health of the patient and the client’s requirements for his future body.

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Indications for abdominoplasty may be, for example: the presence of skin and fat apron, stretching after childbirth or loose skin, post-surgical scars, as well as the discrepancy abdominal muscles. All this is eliminated by the use of one of the leading medical technology of tummy tuck in Huntsville.

After classical tummy tuck in Huntsville remains horizontal seam, that easily concealed under underwear.
If there is an excess abdominal tissue and serious discrepancy of muscles, the surgeon recommends a technique of stress-vertical plasty, during which, in addition to horizontal, vertical seam will remain. Duration of an operation is 2.5-4 hours, performed under general anesthesia. If the abdominal wall hernias are, they are eliminated during surgery. This procedure can significantly improve body shape.

Half tummy tuck

Abdominoplasty Huntsville

Another popular option – half tummy tuck. It is made when you need a limited tightening of the skin of the abdomen. The method is extremely simple, but effective.

Quite often in Huntsville, abdominoplasty is combined with liposuction. On first stage is performed liposuction, and then – abdominoplasty with excision of excess skin. The edges are sutured. Cosmetic suture is removed in 10-12 days. In the postoperative period are required to wear special underwear or a band. Recovery and return to normal life occurs in 2 weeks after half tummy tuck, after tummy tuck – for 1-1.5 months.

Tummy tuck – the result of a deliberate decision, not stormy emotions

Huntsville AL tummy tuck

Tummy tuck in Huntsville is performed under general anesthesia in a hospital. Initial rehabilitation period is from 1 to 3 days under the constant supervision of specialists. Operation result can be seen immediately. Further, if a woman wants to have children, the tummy tuck will not be a contraindication for delivery. Within two months after the surgery, the patient returned to normal life.

However, doctors Medical Center in Huntsville sure that tummy tuck should be thoroughly thought over by patient in each case, despite the fact that this surgery is absolutely safe and has a beautiful aesthetic effect.

Tummy tuck cost in Huntsville:

Huntsville tummy tuck

The average price of tummy tuck in Huntsville is $5,900 US dollars.

  • $6,500 – David Gray, MD
  • $12,500 – Michael Yates
  • $6,800 – David Gray, MD
  • $5,900 – David Gray, MD
  • $2,300 – David Gray, MD
  • $20,000 – Michael D. Yates, MD
  • $14,000 – Huntsville, AL;