Tummy tuck in Lincoln, Nebraska

Before tummy tuck in Lincoln, Ne

Postpartum abdominoplasty radically not differs from the classic tummy tuck. Cesarean section is not some indication, or, conversely, an obstacle to the tummy tuck after delivery, because obstetricians gynecologists in this case, working rather as plastic surgeons. They are trying to make the seam less noticeable, it heals beautifully, and the line along which today is carried out caesarean section is not only anatomically, but also aesthetically is reasonable (But earlier generally used vertical incision!). Plastic surgeons do not create a new scar during the tummy tuck in Lincoln after cesarean. The incision is carried out either through an existing scar, or even below that level this scar. Scar from a cesarean section does not prevent a tummy tuck.

After tummy tuck in Lincoln

Lincoln, Ne tummy tuck

Plastic surgeons in Lincoln are increasingly faced with the professionalism and quality work of gynecologists-obstetricians after cesarean section. Sometimes, even with significant excess adipose tissue in the abdomen plastic surgeons do not want to affect the seam after cesarean section, because it is made nice and tidy.

Surgeons have long seen such ugly, dense, visible scars, as it was 7-10 years ago. Now obstetricians gynecologists are doing very good work. But in general, cesarean tummy tuck is performed by the classical method, the main difference is that the scar after cesarean section is cut. However, it is not always possible, since the number of tissues not permit.

This applies especially to slim women who have excess skin is just above the navel, that there was a strong tension. We should not strive to excise this small accurate seam. But, of course, if the fabric allow, we’ll remove.

Tummy tuck gone bad in Lincoln

One of the unpleasant and unpredictable moments of tummy tuck in Lincoln – the possibility of seroma: the formation of a certain cavity under the skin that is filled with tissue fluid. This could potentially lead to an re-abdominoplasty. Are also possible complications that can occur with any other abdominal surgery – suppuration of wound, bleeding, keloid scars … It is important to understand that this surgery – this surgery, therefore carefully choose a specialist and do not neglect the his recommendations before and after surgery. If any wound infection does occur – treatment is prescribed antibiotics.

Re tummy tuck in Lincoln

Tummy tuck Lincoln, Ne

Lincoln, Ne abdominoplasty

With the re-abdominoplasty plastic surgeons in Lincoln faced not so often. The main advantage of this surgery is that even if – in the opinion of surgeon – the result is not perfect, the patient is still satisfied. Indications for re-abdominoplasty are not uncommon. But not always the patient is ready again on surgery and a long recovery. If the patient returned to the doctor, that means that something does not like to him. Either rumen health – then it can be excised, made thinner, or aesthetic component of the abdomen – somewhere remained overhang of skin – in this case, you can make a second surgery. Perhaps, in this case a mini-abdominoplasty will suffice because ultimately results should satisfy the patient, but not a physician.

There is no limit on the number of repeat surgical procedures if the patient wants it. The skin may be stretched as long as the desired result will not be achieved. For medical reasons re-abdominoplasty is performed only in the event of serious complications such as seroma.

Tummy tuck in Lincoln, Ne

Reviews and recommendations of tummy tuck patients, you can find below on this page or by visiting section – reviews about tummy tuck. Stories of our patients who underwent surgery you will find on specialized information resources of beauty and health. In the gallery you can see photos of our patients before and after abdominoplasty, which took place at the clinics of Lincoln.

Tummy tuck cost in Lincoln:

  • $5,635 – R. Samuel Bryant, MD
  • $8,550 – Todd F. Orchard, MD
  • $9,500 – Dr. Henry Mitchell
  • $5,000 – Lincoln, Ne;