Tummy tuck in Madison, Wisconsin

Madison WI tummy tuck

About slim waist and flat stomach dreams every woman. Exercise and diet, which are often used, wanting to correct figure flaws, do not give the desired result. Pregnancy, sudden weight loss or physiological features are impede to conservation of ideal body shape.

However, the solution exists. Tummy tuck in Madison WI eliminates the problem and allows you to make a big step towards his goal – the perfect figure. The volume and shape of the abdomen largely create an image of the body, an experience that makes the figure. After abdominoplasty body looks fit and athletic, as if a person regularly engaged in the gym.

After tummy tuck in Madison WI

Abdominoplasty is a surgery to correct the deformity of the anterior abdominal wall. Deformation of the abdomen, characterized by the formation of excess skin or skin-fatty tissue, can not be repaired by exercise or diets. After a quick and significant weight loss occurs sagging skin of the anterior abdominal wall.

Many women know what is stretch marks and laxity of the abdomen. Often postpartum deformation – the result of hyperextension of not only the skin, but also the muscles. In such cases, tummy tuck in Madison not only removes excess skin, but restores the muscular stomach.

There are contraindications for tummy tuck. These include general contraindications to surgery and some specific. Surgeons and anesthesiologists find out all of these questions at the reception.

Tummy tuck Madison

There are different methods of conducting surgeries. All they leave noticeable postoperative scars. In our clinic we use such technologies and after which the scars are minimal (mini-abdominoplasty, laparoscopic abdominoplasty). Suture of very high quality allows you to create unobtrusive scar. Eventually scars become lighter and do not differ from the skin. In addition to surgery, the surgeon plans incision so, that scars can be hidden in the underwear.

Pros and cons of tummy tuck in Madison WI

Make the final decision about the need for surgery is only possible together with your doctor, after weighing the “pros” and “cons” of abdominoplasty after a thorough medical examination. Our doctors will give you a comprehensive consultation on tummy tuck. We’ll show you how to make a tummy tuck, and help you make the right choice.

Tummy tuck in Madison WI

Let’s start with the pros of tummy tuck. Abdominoplasty (videos and photos prove it) can give a stunning effect. Neither diet, no exercise will not allow so quickly and dramatically change the appearance of the abdomen. Surgery is performed in just a few hours, under the combined anesthesia (spinal anesthesia in combination with intravenous anesthesia). In recovery period after tummy tuck is practically no painful sensations.

Now turn to cons of tummy tuck On the other hand, it is abdominal surgery. After the tummy tuck you need a rather lengthy rehabilitation, during which it is necessary to strictly observe the prescribing physician, wearing a compression garment, and to deny themselves in many of the habits of the “past life.”

Abdominoplasty Madison WI

The postoperative seam of abdominoplasty is very longest and it remains forever. This is a very thin light strip, which will be partially hidden by the hairy part of the pubis and will not be visible even from a bikini. It can be done through caesarean, making invisible scar after childbirth. But it is impossible to completely flatten the scar extending across the belly.

There is no definite answer to the question whether you may give birth after a tummy tuck or not. No doubt just what effect of surgery after pregnancy and childbirth is fundamentally flawed, and in this case we suggest you make a tummy tuck after the birth of children.

Contraindications for tummy tuck in Madison WI:

Tumm tuck scar Madison WI

  • thick fat layer on the front surface of the abdomen,
  • intention to lose weight after surgery,
  • diabetes, heart disease, etc.

Tummy tuck cost in Madison WI:

The average price of tummy tuck in Madison WI is $7,100 US dollars.

  • $10,000 – Thomas H Bartell
  • $7,600 – Thomas H Bartell
  • $8,500 – Clifford King, MD
  • $7,600 – Thomas H Bartell
  • $7,600 – Thomas H Bartell
  • $9,560 – Stephen A. Bernsten
  • $8,700 – Dr. Hamacher
  • $5,800 – Dr. Ahmed Afifi
  • $7,100 – Dr. John Siebert
  • $7,900 – Clifford King, MD
  • $7,500 – Clifford King, MD
  • $7,100 – Dr. Thomas Bartell