Tummy tuck in Savannah, Georgia

Tummy tuck scar Savannah GA

Good cosmetic results can be achieved by a combination of liposuction of the abdomen and tummy tuck. Simultaneously is done liposuction of waist, thighs, groin, knees, lumbar regions. Patients of clinic, that suffering from ventral hernia, combine tummy tuck in Savannah, GA with hernia removal. If the difference of the abdominal muscles detected in a patient, it also eliminates with abdominoplasty.

Many patients with a big belly after tummy tuck note an improvement of functioning of the intestines. As acknowledged by the patients themselves, after tummy tuck they get rid of such problems as chronic constipation, do without the support measures. Surgeons explain this by saying that with abdominoplasty reduced internal volume, increased pressure on all the abdominal organs and consequently improves muscle tone and intestines.

Savannah GA tummy tuck

Abdominoplasty in Savannah GA is performed under general anesthesia. On average, the surgery takes between 2 to 4 hours depending on the amount of deleted excess skin and fat, the surgeon’s experience and preferences. Mini-abdominoplasty takes about 1,5-2 hours. Before the surgery, plastic surgeon make marks on the body of the patient to determine the anatomical landmarks, cutting lines.

Complications after abdominoplasty are extremely rare. To reduce the risk of possible complications, the patient should strictly abide by all the requirements of the treating physician. Some note that the stomach loses   previous sensitivity, but over time the sensitivity is restored.

After surgery, patients spend in the hospital 3 days following the bed rest. Morbid sensations can hold 1-3 days, effective pain relievers can get rid of them. Then within 10-14 days patients come for regular dressings.

Tummy tuck Savannah, GA

The final result of tummy tuck can be assessed after 3-6 months. The term depends on the volume of transactions. Effect of tummy tuck is pronounced and long-lasting, unlike conservative nonsurgical methods. As a result, women can wear skinny jeans, tight dresses, tight skirts. After this correction of figure many people even radically change the image, and glad to wear stylish and trendy clothes.

Abdominoplasty in Savannah can be done simultaneously with such corrections as endoscopic face lift, rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast surgery: breast augmentation or breast reduction, as well as with some other surgeries.

Tummy tuck scar Savannah GA

How do I get abdominoplasty in Savannah or get advice?

The most optimal variant is visit a plastic surgeon.

WARNING! Smoking negatively affects the outcome of surgery, causing serious complications such as necrosis of tissues. If you smoke, you need to quit smoking for 2 months prior to surgery.

Tummy tuck cost in in Savannah, GA

The average price of tummy tuck in Savannah, GA is $5,800 US dollars.

  • $7,500 – Michael Huntly, MD
  • $11,000 – Dr Michael Huntly
  • Savannah abdominoplasty

  • $21,960 – William Dascombe, MD
  • $8,060 – dr shanklin
  • $8,300 – Dr. Pearl
  • $9,700 – Meghan K. McGovern, MD
  • $6,700 – Meghan K. McGovern, MD
  • $14,000 – Luke J. Curtsinger, MD, FACS
  • $8,700 – E. Ronald Finger, MD
  • $5,700 – Savannah, GA;
  • $5,800 – Luke J. Curtsinger, MD, FACS
  • $11,000 – Meghan K. McGovern, MD
  • $8,700 – Savannah, GA;