Tummy tuck in Toronto

Toronto tummy tuck

In youth almost all have a neat flat tummy. But with age, after childbirth, or as a result of variations in weight and a variety of other causes, stomach can become a serious cause for concern. Shape of the abdomen becomes blurred, fat folds are hang, muscles weaken. To improve the shape of the abdomen in plastic surgery, is developed surgery for reducing stomach, which is called tummy tuck.

Abdominoplasty in Toronto performed to remove excess fat and skin, tightening of the abdominal muscles, elimination of scars, resulting in the formation an ideal shape of the abdomen.

Purpose of surgery occurs on consultation at a plastic surgeon. Contraindications for tummy tuck is virtually non-existent, it is made for both men and women of any age

Tummy tuck procedures in Toronto

There are several procedures for the abdominoplasty, which depend on the amount of tissue removed, the degree of stretching of the skin, and others.

Tummy tuck Toronto

  • Lipo tummy tuck, or pump down procedure fat with a little tightening of of the skin of the abdomen through small incisions in the abdomen above the pubic area. It is used in a small amount of fat with a slight stretching of the skin of the abdomen.
  • Affordable tummy tuck involves excision of excess skin and fat folds in the region between the lower part of the abdomen and navel. Abdominal skin is stretched after removing all the excess, and formed incision. During abdominoplasty simultaneously with tightening can be removed stretching of muscles of the abdominal wall and hernia. As part of a surgery, at the request of the patient, performed liposuction. At affordable tummy tuck stitches pass around the navel, as well as cross the abdomen at the level of the pubis. Over time, the seam is converted into a thin strip, which is easy to mask even under undergarments.
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  • Partial tummy tuck performed with excision of excess skin below the navel, tightening the anterior abdominal wall and removing the hernia. This technique does not affect the navel, and is often performed in conjunction with liposuction of the fat layer of the abdominal wall. One kind of partial tummy tuck is an surgery which is shown with a large sagging abdomen above the pubic area with a seam through virtually the entire lower part of the abdomen with a possible additional vertical seam from the navel.
  • Full tummy tuck  in Toronto  involves the removal of excess skin and fat, not only from the stomach, but simultaneously with the thighs and back. This is a rather complicated technique, after which the seal extends not only to the lower abdomen, but is also on the sides to the lower back.
  • Endoscopic tummy tuck allows you to to perform surgery with almost no seams. At carrying out this technique, the skin is not removed, small incisions are made above the pubis, through these incisions pumped out adipose tissue and tightened muscle of the abdominal wall. In this method of abdominoplasty, simultaneously with tightening can also be carried liposuction.

Before and after tummy tuck Toronto

Abdominoplasty in Toronto is also performed to remove sutures from previous operations, eliminate stretch marks at a divergence the abdominal muscles due to pregnancy or sudden weight gain. The abdominal muscles are sewn, the scars are corrected. Technique of surgery selected by a plastic surgeon, depending on the severity of the problem.

If a patient wishes to improve the waistline simultaneously with abdominoplasty, the doctor may suggest tightening of skin and muscles of waist with additional vertical seam. The formation of waist occurs due to repairing flaps of fascia recti.

Tummy tuck cost in Toronto:

The average price of tummy tuck in Toronto is $6,800 US dollars

After tummy tuck in Toronto

  • $9,600 – Martin Jugenburg, MD
  • $9,500 – Martin Jugenburg, MD
  • $9,200 – Toronto, ON;
  • $9,000 – R. Stephen Mulholland, MD
  • $12,800 – Kyle R. Wanzel, MD
  • $10,000 – Martin Jugenburg, MD
  • $8,500 – Dr. Martin Jugenburg
  • $11,000 – Lawrence Tong, MD
  • $8,500 – Toronto, ON;
  • $8,600 – Dr Chivers
  • $7,500 – Dr. M.T.M. Rebot, M.D.
  • $9,000 – Toronto, ON;
  • $21,000 – Dr. Martin Jugenburg
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  • $10,170 – Wayne W. Carman, MD
  • $8,000 – Frank Lista, MD
  • $9,040 – Sean Rice, MD
  • $7,900 – Ronald Levine, MD
  • $10,300 – Jerome Edelstein, MD
  • $8,500 – Lawrence Tong, MD
  • $11,000 – Toronto Canada;
  • $9,500 – Peter Bray, MD
  • $9,700 – Martin Jugenburg, MD
  • $9,605 – Toronto, ON;
  • $6,800 – Ronald Levine, MD
  • $10,000 – Dr. Ryan Neinstein
  • $11,000 – Martin Jugenburg, MD
  • $9,500 – Martin Jugenburg, MD
  • $6,950 – Leila Kasrai, MD, FRCSC
  • $7,900 – Robert S. Backstein, MD
  • $18,000 – Martin Jugenburg, MD
  • $6,000 – Toronto, ON;
  • $7,500 – Leila Kasrai, MD, FRCSC
  • Toronto abdominoplasty scar

  • $8,750 – Jerome Edelstein, MD
  • $9,000 – Peter Bray, MD
  • $10,000 – Dr micheal Kreidstein
  • $12,000 – Trevor M. Born, MD
  • $14,000 – Toronto, ON, Canada;
  • $11,000 – Toronto;
  • $8,500 – Dr Ford
  • $7,000 – Dr. Jugenburg
  • $7,500 – Frank Lista, MD
  • $7,800 – Toronto, ON;
  • $5,900 – Toronto, ON;