Tummy tuck in Washington, D.C.

Tummy tuck in Washington DC

Tummy tuck in Washington DC is a plastic surgery that can correct the shape of the abdomen, eliminate tension of the abdominal muscles and excess skin, as well as to simulate the waist. This surgery is not performed for the purpose of weight loss and treatment of obesity. Today abdominoplasty has its fans, not only among women but also among men. Fit slim stomach and beautiful waist are a sign of youth, success, activity, as well as an indication that the person cares for his health.

If you quickly drop a lot of extra pounds , there are excess skin in the abdominal area and the need for correcting the shape of the abdomen. Surgery “tummy tuck” became popular in Washington DC through the dissemination of liposuction, bariatric surgery (banding, ie the reduction of the stomach to lose weight) and similar “fast” weight loss techniques. After such procedures on the gastrointestinal tract, the patient quickly loses weight and volume of the body becomes significantly smaller.

Before abdominoplasty in Washington DC

Abdominoplasty allows to achieve desired aesthetic effect by removing excess skin and strengthening of muscles of the abdominal wall. In some cases it is carried out together with liposuction abdomen, back or other parts of the body (shoulders, hips, etc.). In Washington DC is also possible to conduct a mini tummy tuck, when you remove the excess skin without moving the navel.

Before the tummy tuck patient is recommended to solve the problem of obesity (if any) and to achieve the desired weight, using all possible ways to lose weight. If the patient plans to further weight loss, excess skin may be formed again. In this case, the effect of the previously performed tummy tuck will be short-lived. Losing weight after surgery can completely negate all the action of a plastic surgeon.

Tummy tuck testimonials in Washington DC

This surgery should be carried out if:

  • On the anterior abdominal wall has a significant excess skin and / or subcutaneous tissue (in the event that it can not be eliminated by other means – namely, exercise, diet, liposuction) – the so-called “apron”;
  • It is impossible to carry out liposuction due to low turgor of the skin or because of the need to remove large amounts of adipose tissue since there is a danger of the effect of “a baked apple”;
  • There are pronounced stretching and clear scars after other surgical procedures in the lower abdomen.

Before tummy tuck Washington DC

One of the factors that may cause a change in shape of the abdomen, are hormonal fluctuations in a woman’s body during pregnancy and lactation. Stomach becomes saggy, often appears “apron” of skin – direct indications for abdominoplasty. If you do not deal with the problem seriously and do not remove it, the presence of “apron” can lead to serious complexes, the appearance of the constant chafing under the fold, the development of skin infections, the emergence and development of varicose disease of the legs, the appearance of back pain. Therefore, in some cases, to carry out tummy tuck in Washington also recommended for medical reasons.

Good to know! Do not think about the tummy tuck as “just a little cosmetic correction.” Abdominoplasty is one of the most difficult plastic surgery – and in terms of performance, and then in the period of recovery.

Tummy tuck cost in Washington DC:

Tummy tuck scar Washington DC

The average price of tummy tuck in Washington DC is $5,825 US dollars

  • $8,350 – Joanne J Lenert – Washington, DC;
  • $7,880 – Steven P. Davison, DDS, MD, FACS – Washington, DC;
  • $15,000 – Washington;
  • $9,000 – Rondi Kathleen Walker, MD – Washington, VA;
  • $4,400 – Yily – Washington, DC;
  • $5,825 – Rhonda Walker – Washington, DC;
  • $7,900 – Dr Workman – Washington;
  • $12,750 – Paul G. Ruff IV, MD, FACS – Washington, DC;
  • $7,500 – Adam Tattelbaum, MD – Washington D.C.;
  • $10,000 – Ronald S. Pearlman M.D. – Washington, DC;
  • $7,500 – Adam Tattelbaum, MD – Washington DC;
  • $8,500 – Washington, DC;
  • $12,000 – Washington, DC;
  • Washington DC tummy tuck

  • $9,975 – George Bitar, MD – Washington DC;
  • $2,500 – Dr. Joseph Michaels – Washington, DC;
  • $6,600 – Washington;
  • $7,500 – Washington, DC;
  • $10,000 – Washington, DC;
  • $7,200 – Washington DC;
  • $2,851 – Dr. Susan Otero – Washington, DC;
  • $8,000 – Dr. Christopher Hauge – Washington;
  • $10,500 – Rassael – Washington, DC;
  • $8,000 – Rondi Kathleen Walker, MD – Washington DC;
  • $6,500 – Adam Tattelbaum, MD – Washington DC;
  • $7,500 – Adam Tattelbaum, MD – Washington DC;
  • $7,200 – Salmon creek plastic surgery. – Washington;
  • $7,500 – Washington, DC;
  • $5,500 – Washington DC;