Tummy tuck recovery tips

Tummy tuck recovery timeline

At the end of tummy tuck surgery, drainage is placed to patient, through which exudative fluid will be removed. You should not be afraid of the installation of drainage. This is a simple way to protect yourself from potential complications. Drainage – a small vacuum tube through which departs wound fluid. Its main purpose – to prevent the development of hematoma, seroma, and accumulations of free liquids in the wound with subsequent infection.

In addition to drainage, you need to periodically treat the scars with the help of an antiseptic solution. Not only the doctor should monitor the status of postoperative suture, but also  the patient.

Abdominoplasty recovery

Responsible attitude for all the recommendations in the recovery period after a tummy tuck – a guarantee that the healing process will be  well and then the scar will be barely noticeable. It is important to not only create a beautiful shape, but do as negligible as possible the external consequences of surgery. Because all efforts is aimed at the creation of beauty!

Tip #1. The first time after a tummy tuck is recommended to minimize any physical activity, especially to take care of abdominal and comply with bed rest. This will help prevent the accumulation of fluid and accelerate the recovery process. Lighter loads are possible in a month, and return to full sports activities you can no earlier than 1.5 months (6 weeks) after abdominoplasty.

After tummy tuck surgery recovery tips

Tip #2. You need to understand that surgery affects not only the external integument but also on muscular layer. Any tension abdominal muscles exerts a force on seams. Therefore, all the time you need to remember that you have fresh scars: do not laugh, do not make any sudden movements. Waking up in the morning, no need to immediately get out of bed from position “lying” into “sitting”. First you have to roll over on side, then you may to take a vertical position. Thus abdominal muscles have less tense.

Tip #3.You also need to refrain from a heavy meal and drinking of alcohol. Alcohol not only changes the intestinal flora (which may lead to unintended consequences), but also affect the composition of the blood. Red blood cells in the blood, affected by the toxic effects of alcohol, impair normal blood exchange, regeneration processes are slowed down.

Recovery stories after tummy tuck

Tummy tuck is one of the many kinds of body contouring with excision of excess skin. Modern surgery allows to carry out these surgery on almost any area of ​​the body. But human physiology is such that on the face, for example, the same scars after contour correction  heal faster than on the abdomen.

This is due to the fact that the area of the abdominal wall is well supplied with blood. In the region of the abdominal wall are many vessels: venous, arterial and lymphatic. In order to begin the process of scarring, you need to wait when postoperative edema will get away. Then begin to sprout and regenerate blood vessels and nerve endings.

In the first six weeks after surgery we advise you wear compression underwear or corset. You can not lift weights or to strain the stomach.

Recovery stories after tummy tuck surgery

Finally assess the results of surgery performed, you can after healing of tummy tuck scar. Six months later, it will look like a thread, and after 8 months or year final scar will be formed and you see the result. If you wish, you can make a tattoo of tummy tuck scar.

Impact from abdominoplasty is permanent and exercise, and control of your own body weight will help you with this. At the birth of the child, of course, the skin will stretch, but not as much as before surgery. And if the tummy tuck was performed by an experienced surgeon – no one will ever guess at the appearance of the abdomen, that you did it.

Recovery from tummy tuck surgery

Recovery tip abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty requires a longer recovery period than other types of plastic surgery, as well as certain restrictions.

Immediately after surgery, dressing is applied on the stomach, which consists of a elastic bandages. Drainage pipes installed to remove blood. Also, bandage is applied to the abdomen after a tummy tuck , which can be removed after 3-4 days, or drainage, providing an output of blood and secretions, for 2-5 days. For 3-5 days a patient stays in the clinic under the supervision of specialists.

Tip #4. Recovering after abdominoplasty may take a little longer in smoking patients, so experts recommend to quit for at least the first 6 weeks after surgery.

In the first days after tummy tuck requires bed rest, but a long lie-in can lead to the formation of adhesions, so on the second day you should try to turn to the side and try to get up.

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Part of the seams and drainage removed after a few days. From that moment the patient must wear a special compression garment for at least a month, instead of dressing.

Tip #5.Recovery after tummy tuck imposes restrictions on any physical activity for a period which will indicate by your physician. Bed rest is required. For light loads you will be back pretty soon, but the full-fledged sports or heavy physical work should be postponed until after recovery from abdominoplasty.

In the recovery period may appear bruising and swelling, which persist up to 2-3 weeks. Stitches will become less noticeable in just a few months (their healing requires from 3 to 6 months), but over time they become bodily color and would not be evident. From the 3rd to the 7th day after the surgery, you need to sleep on high pillows to leave a thin scar.

Tummy tuck scar recovery photos

After abdominoplasty may occur decrease in the sensitivity of the skin in the area where the surgery happened, but this phenomenon will pass in 3-5 months.

Tip #6. In the first 6 weeks of rehabilitation is necessary to wear a compression corset. The result of tummy tuck can be assessed after the healing of the scar. Its full healing will take about 8-12 months: it will turn into a thin white thread. For its full correction you can resort to laser resurfacing.

The first month of recovery after the tummy tuck is associated with certain limitations: it is necessary to minimize physical stress (their gradual increase shall be permitted only from the third week). Impossible to sunbathe (in the open sun or in the tanning bed), use of the sauna.

In order to reduce and to cope better with recovery after abdominoplasty, as well as accelerate the healing process, it is recommended to take a course of hardware cosmetology, namely, lymphatic drainage massage and lymph electric therapy.