Laser Tummy Tuck

Flabby, sagging abdominal skin is a frequent consequence of pregnancy or rapid weight loss. Until recently, in the solution of this problem there was no alternative to plastic surgery.

However, the operation is a very serious intervention, with a long recovery period and high cost.

Changes leading to loss of skin elasticity

The so-called skeleton of the skin forms collagen fibers, which constitute about 70% of the dermis and form a three-dimensional network in it, serving as support for various cells and structures.

The main function of collagen fibers is to ensure the strength of the tissues, they are slightly extensible and very strong to break.

Fraxel For Scars After Tummy Tuck

Over time, as well as under the influence of solar radiation or prolonged excessive stretching of tissues (pregnancy, weight gain), collagen fibers lose their normal structure, thicken and stretch. The elastic fibers, proteoglycans, and the water composition of the skin also undergo changes. All this leads to the fact that the skin stretches, loses elasticity, becomes thin and dry.

RF-lift Exilis-Elite

Laser tummy tuck by this method is absolutely safe, exposure is performed only in the deeper layers of the skin, and has no systemic action.

The device Excilis affects the skin due to the combined use of radio frequency and ultrasound. Deep layers of the skin warm up and the following processes are started:

  • Reduction of collagen fibers;
  • Stimulation of fibroblast activity (cells that produce collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, etc.);
  • Activation of reparative (recovery) processes.

Laser Tummy Tuck With Elixis Elite

Thus, the skin of the abdomen is tightened, contracted, becomes more elastic and healthy, stretch marks become less noticeable.

How is the procedure Exilis Elite performed?

The procedure is quite comfortable for the patient and does not require anesthesia. A special oil is applied to the skin. During the procedure, the patient feels warm. The tummy tuck takes no more than 40 minutes. Due to the fact that skin surface damage does not occur, after treatment there is no evidence of an effect other than improving its properties.

The effect manifests itself during the treatment, the skin is noticeably tightened and contracted.

Fraxel Co2 Before And After

Within a few months, due to the increased activity of fibroblasts, the synthesis of new collagen and elastin, hyaluronic acid, the appearance of the skin is getting better and better.

Tummy Tuck by Beautytek

BeautyTek is the latest development in aesthetic medicine. Absolutely safe, painless and effective alternative to plastic surgery.

Exilis Elite Tummy Tuck

BeautyTek, thanks to a combination of modern computer technology and the wisdom of Chinese medicine, allows you to achieve excellent results:

  • Fat reduction
  • Non-surgical tummy tuck
  • Reduction of skin flabbiness
  • Correction of stretch marks and postpartum scars.

Laser tummy tuck with BeautyTek is comfortable and painless for the patient.

After the application of a special electrolyte gel to the treated area, a specialist by soft massaging movements with the help of a sensor electrode effects the individual acupuncture points of the body.

As a result, the bioelectric potential of cells and the body as a whole is restored, lipolysis and tissue regeneration are activated, microcirculation improves, the water-electrolyte balance and energy metabolism are normalized.

How BeautyTek works

Fraxel For Tummy Tuck Scar

A distinctive feature of the method is that BeautyTek working on a bio-cybernetic closed loop, first determines the bioelectric state of the cell, analyzes the obtained data and creates an individual program of procedure for each patient. Laser tummy tuck by Beautytek is non-invasive, comfortable for the client, and, in addition to affecting the local zones, improves the condition of the body as a whole.

During BeautyTek – therapy there is no destruction of cells, proteins or other body structures. BeautyTek – therapy stimulates the human resources, which provides a long lasting, persistent and increasing with time effect.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method BeautyTek



  • Lifting effect
  • Absolute painlessness
  • Also affects fat metabolism in the affected area (not only tightens the skin, but also reduces the volume of adipose tissue)
  • Own line of cosmetics for home care (supports the result)
  • Loyal cost

Injection techniques

We also use injection techniques: mesotherapy and biorevitalization. Hyaluronic acid introduced during the biorevitalization procedure significantly improves the structural properties of the skin, its elasticity and turgor, and is also almost always used in the protocols for the treatment of striae (stretch marks).

Various cocktails for mesotherapy, depending on the composition, improve blood circulation in the skin, have a lifting effect, have a very good lipolytic effect. The application of these techniques in a complex, correctly designed scheme, depending on the physiological characteristics of the organism, allows to achieve very good results.

Before and after laser tummy tuck

Nice to have a young, elastic skin that breathes health. But over time, the skin on the abdomen may begin to sag. You look in the mirror and begin to worry.

Rejuvenation of the abdomen will help you to increase self-esteem. A tummy tuck will give aesthetic appearance of outline waist. Thanks to today’s high technology, laser tummy tuck does not present any difficulties. Laser tummy tuck is performed through small incisions, which are in the invisible areas.

Tummy tuck with the help of laser helps to eliminate sagging of soft tissues. It removes stretch marks, restores skin elasticity and makes rejuvenation of the abdomen. By eliminating stretch marks, tummy tuck returns elasticity to the skin.

The effect of a tummy tuck will be more noticeable if your health is at the right level! Most often, a tummy tuck is performed after the child’s birth.

Laser tummy tuck for men

In some diseases laser tummy tuck is contraindicated. These contraindications include: hypertension, infectious diseases, blood coagulation disorders.A tummy tuck requires a serious approach from the the doctor and the patient. Therefore, to avoid postoperative complications before the procedure is necessary to undergo a thorough examination.

Laser cosmetology appeared at the end XX century. Its birth began with the of the invention of the laser. Laser beams are well accustomed and have proven themselves with the best hand. Their use in cosmetology and still widely and effectively.

Application of the laser is very diverse: with its help produced skin rejuvenation of the face and abdomen, removal of unwanted body hair, moles, scars and tattoos.

Modern laser cosmetology made ​​a decisive step forward, thanks to the effective use of laser technology.

What is a laser tummy tuck?

Laser tummy tuck pictures

Laser tummy tuck is a non-invasive method of elimination of defects, updates epidermis and lifting the skin of the abdomen using a pulsed laser light. The laser procedure eliminates stretch marks, flabbiness and sagging of abdominal skin, evens postoperative scars, improves texture and elasticity of tissues. Effect of laser rejuvenation is achieved by controlled heating of the dermis, which leads to compaction of the existing collagen fibers and synthesis of young collagen-elastin structures. Laser rejuvenation of the abdomen can be combined with myostimulation, lipolytic mesotherapy, liposuction and abdominoplasty.

How is laser tummy tuck performed?

Before laser tummy tuck procedure

A tummy tuck is performed using modern laser technology “Fraxel Asclepion”. It allows you to:

  • smooth out wrinkles
  • eliminate skin pigmentation
  • eliminate stretch marks
  • flatten scars
  • reduce pore size
  • improve the texture and quality of the skin
  • stimulate reparative properties of the skin

In comparison with other types of laser peeling after this laser treatment does not require anesthesia, there is no post-operative period, and it can be used for all skin types.

The effect of laser tummy tuck procedure

Laser tummy tuck procedure one side

Fractional photothermolysis – it really is a completely new method for safe and effective impact on the fabric. The procedure does not produce open wounds and does not require any recovery time. The results of laser tummy tuck are predictable and ensure elimination of pigmented lesions (such as solar lentiginosis) and smoothing of wrinkles, as well as increased synthesis of collagen – the skin aging process is effectively suspended. After the first procedure significantly improves oval of abdomen and general condition of the skin. Laser abdominoplasty is also used as a recovery procedure after plastic surgery.

Laser tummy tuck is a new, safe and highly effective method of treatment of the effects of photoaging. The laser beam with a special nozzle is divided into multiple fractions, which retain a given energy (fractional photothermolysis).

For this purpose, the skin is irradiated with regions (like a checkerboard) size of about 100 microns with gaps in therebetween 250-500 microns. Tissue is recovering from a fractional injury without much damage to the epidermis which is observed, for example, after the traditional dermabrasion.





Laser tummy tuck 3.5 hours after procedure

Under the influence of the laser creates microscopic zones (areas) of coagulated tissue. These areas heal within a few weeks, but the appearance of the skin is not changed.

The purpose of this treatment method of skin is not in the global influence on the target tissue or specifically on dermis, but rather in a the damage (trauma) of a very small proportion of skin to be treated and coagulate of tissue columns (columns) with a diameter of 70 to 100 microns that pass through the epidermis and deeper, reaching the dermis (in a checkerboard pattern).

Even despite the coagulation of epidermis in these micro thermal zones, it is not damaged, and thus does not remain open wound. A significant amount of normal skin that surrounds microthermal area is abundant source of cells needed for healing. Within a few weeks after treatment, there is a process displacement of coagulated tissue and its replacement with new healed tissue.

Tummy tuck with laser

Since this process is not visible with the naked eye, in a patient is not disturbed his daily activities. Along the way with multi-processing (quadruple treatment every 2 weeks) by phased method, occurs substitution of mostly treated skin surface. Each treatment with this laser considerably softens wrinkles, scars, removes spots and vascular lesions (violations).

The effect of the interaction with skin

Laser surgery tummy tuck

The wavelength of middle infrared regions of the spectrum which very well absorbed by intracellular and extracellular water contained in the skin the same way as it happens in work of the sanding (rejuvenation) lasers.

Deeper penetration of light into the skin layer occur in the case of carbon dioxide (CO2) and erbium, yttrium-aluminum-grenade (Er: YAG) lasers. Each laser pulse that penetrates into the skin creates a column of coagulated tissue, extending from the surface of the epidermis and reaching up to dermis. The energy density of each pulse is below the ablation threshold, thereby does not cause evaporation of tissue. Field of the exposure (irradiation) 50-70 micron forms micro thermal zone with diameter of about 100 microns, with increasing penetration depth from 350 to 750 microns, depending on the capacity of the energy of each pulse.

Fraxel laser treatment procedure for tummy tuck

Duration of treatment: from 15 to 30 minutes.

For maximum results, the specialists of the clinic recommend pursue a course of therapy in series of 4 – 6 treatments with 2-week intervals.

A tummy tuck procedure with a laser is painless and does not require recovery. A slight redness after the procedure passes within half an hour and you can safely return to its usual rhythm of life, without fear that traces of medical intervention will be visible to others.




Laser abdominoplasty restores blood circulation in the skin and increases the skin’s ability to the restoration and regeneration. The procedure gives an instant effect of rejuvenation, and after the course of treatment is guaranteed improving the complexion, restoring of elasticity of the skin for a long period, slows down the appearance of wrinkles.

Laser tummy tuck procedure can be used in combination with a laser peeling, mesotherapy, “beauty injections”, contouring plasty and chemical peels. Such an integrated approach can improve and prolong the effect of laser tummy tuck and make your skin perfect at any age.

Contraindications of laser tummy tuck:

  • Allergic reactions to light or the sun
  • Oncological diseases
  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • The presence of cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators other
  • Intense sunburn, cold sores in the active stage
  • Skin diseases in the acute stage

If you are interested in laser tummy tuck, we also recommend you to read about the non-surgical tummy tuck and tummy tuck alternatives.