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Information about what a tummy tuck

The essence of abdominoplasty consists in the following: during surgery removed the excess fat in the lower and middle part of the abdomen, and sagging skin fold, stretch the muscles of the abdominal wall. However, this surgical operation is not a method of treatment of obesity in any case. Very fat people need to lose weight before surgery as much as possible. View of the abdomen is much improved after surgery. But remains stable postoperative scar.

Patients for a tummy tuck may be as women well as men who are not obese; patients with excessive fat deposits on the anterior abdominal wall and the reduction in the tone of the abdominal muscles; which are not amenable to diet and exercise.

Tummy tuck results

Good results from this surgery get women who have repeatedly given birth. The indications for surgery are generic stretch marks (striae), atony of the abdominal muscles, the so-called “birth apron”. For those who are going to lose weight, is necessary postpone the surgery. It is recommended to postpone abdominoplasty for women planning to have birth.

Tummy tuck will not only improve your appearance but also improve self-confidence. Before you decide on surgery think about all that you expect from its results and consult a physician. You can also read all the information about tummy tuck on our website, and then ask your question.

Information about preparing for a tummy tuck

Medical reason for tummy tuck surgery

The surgeon will require you to fulfillment of certain conditions to the postoperative period was easier. You must leave a cigarette at least 4 weeks prior to surgery and refrain for 2 weeks after surgery. During this period, avoid exposure to sunlight, do not visit a solarium. Do not take medications containing aspirin and vitamin E.

Do not try to lose weight, do not follow the diet. Cold or any infection is the reason to postpone the surgery.

Information about the place where surgery is performed

Abdominoplasty surgery performed in a hospital setting.

Information about tummy tuck procedures

There are several techniques of tummy tuck. Surgery can carried out at the same time as with plastic surgery aimed at improving the contours of the body (breast surgery, liposuction and so forth.), as at the same time and with other operations (such as on uterus, ovaries, etc.) This info will help you if you want to find out more information about abdominoplasty.

Information about planning of a tummy tuck

Medically necessary tummy tuck surgery

On first inspection the surgeon will check you, know the general state of health, the amount and distribution of body fat, skin and so forth. During the inspection you should to tell the doctor about recent serious illness, health problems (for example, if you are a diabetic), bad habits (smoking, alcohol), consumed medicines. Another important issue that you should discuss with the doctor – it’s the reasons for which you have decided on surgery and what you expect from her. Discuss all the details, it is possible that a mini tummy tuck will be enough, or in conjunction with liposuction, and perhaps just liposuction.

Also surgeon is obliged to tell you the type of anesthesia, duration of stay in the hospital, and the problems with which you can encounter after surgery. All this is sure to discuss.

Information about the type of anesthesia

Most surgeons prefer to perform tummy tuck under general anesthesia. Some prefer to use local anesthesia, combined with a painkiller and sedative drugs.

How is a tummy tuck done

Belly button after abdominoplasty

Complete abdominoplasty lasts from 2 to 5 hours, depending on the complexity of the operation. Mini abdominoplasty lasts from 1 to 2 hours.

Usually performed incision from hip to hip above the pubis, which is usually hidden in the underwear, and almost imperceptible incision around the navel. At partial abdominoplasty, the incision above the pubis is less and belly button is usually not moved. During the operation, carried out delamination of skin and fat from the muscular wall of the apron, starting from the groin and up to the level of the ribs. If the muscular wall has a hernia or muscle strongly stretched, then is performed plastic muscle aponeurosis. The excess skin and fat are removed. Performed works are less ambitious with a mini tummy tuck.

After the surgery, depending on the cut imposed or metallic staples or is performed hidden seam and everything is closed by ligation.

To prevent the accumulation of fluid, there installed drains under the skin.

After tummy tuck surgery

Drains tummy tuck surgery

In the first days after surgery in the abdominal area are swelling. Of course the pain in this period is absolutely natural. Painkiller medications recommended by your doctor, can help you cope with pain. Removal of drainage is carried out on the 1st-3rd day after surgery, the sutures are removed after the 1st or 3rd week. On average, you will spend in the hospital for one to three days. On healing and “lightening” postoperative suture goes from 9 months to a year. Although the trace of the surgery and will not disappear completely, it is easy to hide under the bikini line.

Tummy tuck gives excellent results in patients with a pronounced weakening of the abdominal muscles, saggy skin, the so-called “apron.” Recommended to maintain the result with diet and exercise.

Alternatives to tummy tuck surgery

If the patient does not have sagging skin, fat accumulation is limited, muscular wall is normal, and there are no strong excess weight, then the vacuum removal of fat is possible as an alternative of a tummy tuck surgery. As well diet and exercise can be effective, but it is without result in the case of severe sagging skin.

Risks of tummy tuck

Tummy tuck gone bad

Each year, plastic surgeons spend hundreds of tummy tuck surgeries. Typically, surgery , that is carried out by an experienced surgeon in this area, gives good results. But like all surgical procedures, surgery has certain degree of risk. It is important that patients understand that. If the patient decides to surgery, he should take positive results and to compare risks.

Even if the risks are minimal, and most patients are not faced with them, you should discuss them with the doctor before the surgery anyway. Good preoperative examination, performing surgery in a well-equipped hospital by an experienced surgeon minimizes the risk of postoperative infection, bleeding and other complications.

Length of stay in hospital increased in case of infection or abscesses. Wound healing can be slow, sometimes can occur deterioration or remains visible scar. In such circumstances, may require an additional surgery. Increasingly, such complications occur in smokers.

In very rare cases, patients are frustrated by the results of tummy tuck. Sometimes, it may require a second surgical intervention for correction. On the site you may not find enough information, this aspect more fully explain to you your surgeon.

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