12 days post op tummy tuck

12 days post op and back from the DR and home in Cali. Went to see my Doc today, showed him the hardness in my stomach and he said to give it 4-6weeks. It seriously feels like CEMENT. It isn’t so much the hardness that bothers me, but the SWELLING and INFLAMMATION. I was hoping it would go down some and I wouldn’t LOOK like a solid BRICK. ugh. I hate the waiting game.


  1. Ryan says:

    I’m 4 weeks PO Today and my stomach is just starting to soften.

  2. Jaime says:

    I have this garment they gave me and it’s tight as SHIT. They gave me a stage 2 to put on. there is no way in hell I’ll be able to get this mofo on my body. It’s like half my size. LOL

  3. Amber says:

    I am 8 weeks tomorrow and still have some hardness.

  4. Jaime says:

    I am more than hard. I’m BIG. Like solid all around. Feels like a 2 inch layer crust of HARDNESS around me. And my skin is warm. I think it has a lot to do with what I had done. I didn’t just have the tummy tuck and MR, I had aggressive lipo everywhere.

  5. Amber says:

    Hmmm could be. I didn’t have lipo so I’m not sure about that.

  6. Lucie says:

    DON’T WORRY JAIME…It’s part of the healing process

  7. Lng says:

    I was hard too TILL i got the massage

  8. Lng says:

    I told into massage it daily 15 mins min before bed and when wake up . If it’s too painful get a lymphatic drainage massage.

  9. Torrie says:

    Have you had a really good bowel movement yet?

  10. Jaime says:

    I have. It took a while but I’m on boo boo schedule now lol

  11. Akayy says:

    Who did u go to jaime?

  12. Jaime says:

    Duran in the DR

  13. Lng says:

    I went for my first massage at 14 days po I’m 20 days now

  14. Akayy says:

    Thanks for sharing. Happy healing doll.

  15. Lng says:

    I was up walking around Fter 6 days lol

  16. Shanette says:

    My stomach and sides are hard as well. I am 21 days Po . Swelling is just starting to go down. My back was the worst and the swelling is starting to go down there also. But my ankles are a different story. Stay with cankles.

  17. Lng says:

    Did your doctor give u compression socks?

  18. Lng says:

    I still wear mine here and there when I do a lot of walking and I wear the foam binder given to me when Im going out if the house for more support …

  19. Shanette says:

    My ps said it can come from the compression garment also

  20. Lng says:

    After a certain ammount of time like past two three weeks It comes from a combo of eating salty food and not enough water and lots if activity

  21. Shanette says:

    Ok i was thinking that this morning I wasn’t drinking enough water. I went back to work last week so I’m moving alot in the morning during the day it’s not that bad I’m at my desk so I have been putting my feet up under my desk on the garbage can lol

  22. Shanette says:

    Don’t really do too much salt. I’m just tired of not being able to move around quickly. Lol I feel like a old lady.

  23. Lng says:

    If ur eating anything but fruits and veggies then there’s salt in it lol.

  24. Lng says:

    Meat is the biggest culprit ppl add seasonings to it which… Is sodium. Also salad toppings full of sodium. I’m literally eating fruit smoothies juicing veggies adding fruit and plain yogurt ice and milk

  25. Shanette says:

    I been eating curry chicken lol

  26. Shanette says:

    Yogurts today and veggies and water

  27. Lng says:

    That curry sauce !!!!!! Major sodium … But hell drink super amounts of water to combat the sodium intake if u make it yourself use low sodium stock

  28. Lng says:

    Get one of these life saver for fast nutrition and easy on the digestive system for those of u who just got the surgery during the first few weeks (as the meds make poop hard as rocks!!! Lol)

  29. Lng says:

    One banana 3 strawberries 1/4 ice a splash of milk and a few spoons of plain probiotic yogurt (I hate yogurt but helps me get it down lol ) and I use a scoop of lean protein mix vanilla flavor … My sisters Kids think it’s Icecream if u freeze it after u blend lol