4 weeks post tummy tuck

Here are pics from today. This is my walmart compression garment I wear and LOVE! It’s a Cupid ultra control high waist garment. It doesn’t roll down and it fits better than the issued garment. Then I took some pics of my scars up close. My panties cover everything, so I’m happy with the placement! I’ll be 4 weeks tummy tuck po on Tuesday. Time is flying!



  1. Lee says:

    I had extended tummy tuck, muscle repair, lipo front/sides/back, Brazilian butt lift (fat transfer from love handles and back to my butt) all cost $10,000 by Dr Finkle, Omaha Nebraska

  2. Alicia says:

    Did you lose volume???

  3. Lng says:

    Lol I need a new one …. I’ve got 2 holes in the ass from scratching so much and I didn’t even get a BBL lol

  4. Marta says:

    Alicia, I’m not sure what you mean by losing volume… I lost weight during my 3 weeks so far. I was 173lbs, now I weigh 159lbs. He lipo’d me on my sides and back, but he added that to my butt. He cut off 5lbs fat in front.

  5. Lng says:

    Is your back still tender? Like when I go to sit back in a chair sofa taxi hell even a bed what ever may be if I do it a tad too hard it hurts as it’s still tender for me and a bit swollen. My love handles need to still go down but I’m happy where they are at now I just figure anything that’s still puffy now is going to shrink still?

  6. Marta says:

    I’m not really tender anymore. I’m doing everything.

  7. Lng says:

    I’m up and about trying to stretch in different ways (I can feel my tummy muscles are tight AF) I’m hoping within the next week the soreness will go away. I tried to run up the stairs and my ass jiggled and it made the sore part of my back hurt idk if it was because when my ass bounced it kinda pulls as the back or if it was the vibration that hurt but it’s just the pain of something being sore not a sharp pain

  8. Lee says:

    I can’t do any running yet, I tried a little jog in place to see how my ass felt when it shakes….lol not gonna happen yet! I just laughed to myself and said so that’s what an ass feels like.

  9. Nixon says:

    Amber your results r excellent..u must be thrilled w results!! U r one of the lucky girls that not only looks sculpted. But u also look considerably thinner…..I love seeing these great results!

  10. Ashlee says:

    Were did u get yours done and surgeon and can I ask how much hun. PS U LOOK AMAZEBALLS