Can i have an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) after four cesarean sections?

Many women choose to have a tummy tuck after having children. However, no one over the Internet can say that your pain will be eliminated after a tummy tuck.

Your pain might be from internal scarring which will not be corrected with cosmetic surgery.

I would suggest meeting with a board certified plastic surgeon and discussing all your concerns. (Connie Hiers, MD, San Antonio Plastic Surgeon)

It depends on what’s causing the pain- if it’s in the skin or tissue just under, a tummy tuck should help. If it’s deeper, it may not. It’s very difficult to guarantee. An exam and consultation with a plastic surgeon is recommended. (Harry T. Haramis, MD, FACS, Montclair Plastic Surgeon)

Tummy tuck after 4 C-sections

cesarean section scar

You can absolutely have a tummy tuck after a C-section. If the C-section scar is horizontal and placed low it will be removed completely. There are cases where they use a vertical incision and even still, this does not rule out being a candidate for a tummy tuck. The only thing that may happen is that the whole scar is not removed. In the mean time before you make a decision on what you want to do, please address the painful scar with your doctor. Steriod injections can help decrease the thickness and tenderness of scars. (Francis Johns, MD, Greensburg Plastic Surgeon)

Removal of painful scar tissue along C-Section scar

If the scar tissue along the incision line on the outside is painful, it would be removed as part of the tummy tuck. (Gary Lawton, MD, FACS, San Antonio Plastic Surgeon)