Abdominoplasty scar placement results

A low placed tummy tuck scar is nice because it is well hidden under your bikini. If the surgeon internally tacks that incision to the deeper fascia, the scar will remain nice and low.

If your surgeon does not tack the incision to the deep fascia, the scar will migrate upward, lifting your mons pubis upward.

A low placed tummy tuck may give a slight amount of tightening to the anterior thigh skin.

However, this effect is mild and should not be counted on. There will be no buttock lift from a tummy tuck unless you add a belt lipectomy which removes skin and fat from the posterior waistline. (Gilbert Lee, MD, San Diego Plastic Surgeon)

Location of Tummy tuck scar

Tummy Tuck incisions are critically important

I usually place the tummy tuck scar very low – not because it will pull up the thigh much, but the scar tends to move upward over the years – so I place it low to keep it hidden.

An abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck) will not address the back of the thighs or buttock unless you continue the incision around the back (Belt Lipectomy).

Tummy Tuck Incisions : Do They Effect Results?

Tummy Tuck incisions are critically important. All patients want a pretty scar that is smooth, low, well-hidden, and faded.

The scar can also have different shapes like “W” or gentle smile shaped incisions. Most doctors agree that the lower the incision the better it will be hidden. This will camouflage it best. It will also be hidden by underwear and bikinis better. Most of the time Tummy Tucks do not effect the buttock at all.

the lower the incision the better it will be hidden

The upper thigh might have some benefit in skin removal, but it is wisest to not expect too much in this area.It sounds silly, but Tummy Tucks mainly effect the “Tummy” area. Liposuction can be done at the same time to help with the shape of the thighs and buttock.

Contouring and liposculpturing can really accentuate the tummy tuck procedure. I also always work on the Mons or pubic hair area to make sure this area is more attractive and thin after the operation. It is included in my operation. It is highly successful and safe.

Tummy tuck surgery does not affect the upper thigh

There are points of adhesion of the skin that prevent significant degrees of natural mobilization. These adhesion points are intentionally disrupted during during body contouring procedures.

A low placed tummy tuck

During an abdominoplasty the upper abdominal adhesion points are released during the undermining process which allows the skin to be maximally pulled down and removed. The skin of the upper thigh is not mobilized by this undermining process and therefore does not much at all, even with a low positioned scar. During a lower body lift or the posterior portion of a belt lipectomy, the buttock skin is undermined which allows for a significant tightening of the buttock tissues. But this is not seen with a traditional tummy tuck surgery. (William T. Stoeckel, MD, Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon)

Tummy tuck incision results

I do not feel that there will be much if any lifting of your thighs. and the question of whether or not your tummy tuck incision can be placed that low, without some length vertical scar above it. an incision around your umbilicus is made and that opening must make it all the way down to the pubic region.

place the tummy tuck scar very low

If your c. section scar is 2-3 cm into the pubic region, that opening may not make it down that far. Usually does not. So not uncommonly, the c section scar is ignored. An examination by a board certified plastic surgeon should be able to let you know that in a consultation. (Rick Rosen, MD, Norwalk Plastic Surgeon)

Does the TT incision have any lifting effect on the thighs and buttocks?

A tt incision does not have any real impact on the thighs or the buttocks. You should not expect any improvement in those areas, otherwise you will be disappointed. The thighs and buttocks should be examined beforehand to see what can be done to improve those areas, either as one procedure or as a staged procedure. Good luck! (George Lefkovits, MD, New York Plastic Surgeon)