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Medical director: Kay Brown


Kafayat Brown

Name: Kafayat Brown
Position: Nurse Practitioner
Can answer: 1
Years experience: 12
Biography: Adexcel Aesthetics offers a bespoke non-surgical treatments- specialising in facial rejuvenation, travel health vaccines and skin care products.
Adexcel Aesthetics is a one stop clinic to contact if you are concerned about the appearances of wrinkles, lips, facial contouring, signs of ageing, acne, scarring, injuries or wants advise on travel health vaccines and treatments.

We offer a non-discriminatory and non-judgemental services by treating our clients with respect and dignity, and uphold confidentiality in a professional manner.

We offer different treatment such as muscle relaxing injection (Botox), dermal filler, anti ageing treatments, Vitamin infusions, mesotherapy, derma roller, Glutathione, skin booster, Platelet Rich Plasma, thread vein removal, facial vein treatment, skin blemishes removal (wart, mole, skin tags or DPN) acne, scarring, rosecea, facial and skin peel, Travel Health clinic and vaccinations.
Contact us for further information.

Name: Kay Brown
Position: Nurse Practitioner
Can answer: 1
Years experience: 12

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What can I do to make myself look more like the right photo? I know lip fillers is definitely on the c
Fresh look
May 2, 2018
Hi Dear,
Thanks for suggesting you will be having a lip filler, you have a beautiful face and not many people can suggest any thing further.
Whatever you see in the mirror that is affecting you is what you should have done.
SPF and good skin care regime are also on the card- Very important!
You may want to try a chin filler to enhance your chin and elongate your profile. It’s hard to tell what you need with the pictures posted.

Good luck.

Can I have some fatty skin moved from my nose? I want it flat like the other side.
May 2, 2018
Hi Dear,
Its difficult to see exactly what you mean in the picture but I feel you have a good nose as other people have said to you.
The only 2 options i know is surgery or non surgical which will involve fillers.
As of now I have no other option and don’t think you can remove your flesh as stated.

Good luck.

Best option for deep smile lines (nasiolobal folds)? Age 24.
Fillers for Nasolabia fold
May 2, 2018
Hi There,
Hyaluronic Acid filler will help fill the lines and prevent further damages. This will last between 6-18months depending on product use.
A good skin care product is also important (SPF is very important. Anti-ageing- ZO or Skinceutical products may help).

Good luck

2 lumps in the middle of my top lip making them look odd and lumpy, do I need to dissolve them?
Lumpy lips
May 2, 2018
Hi There,
Unsure how long you have had your lip done, however if this is over 2 weeks you need to contact your injector for further advise (Do you smoke? this may make things worse and cause the filler to gravitate to another area if the product is not stable).
If over 2 weeks you injector should be able to correct this or refer you to another practitioner who may help you.
Good luck.
What would you advise for a fresher appearance? Concerned about brow area and under eyes when I smile.
Under eye, forehead and PDO thread
May 2, 2018
Hi There,
I agree with your practitioner! Looking at your picture I would be starting with a muscle relaxing injection (Botox) on the forehead, glabella lines to soften your frontalis.
2) For the under eyes you can get them soften with Redensity 11 or Juvederm Vobella .
3) A PDO thread is a good option to enhance the fresh look you want, this will help your nasolabia fold, gives good contoured chiseled cheeks and mid brows (brow lift)…

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