American tummy tuck

Tummy tuck american


  1. Rachael says:

    Who did you to I am going to Dra Yily De Los Santos September I feel you gurll you look fabulous I cant wait

  2. Ope says:

    Dra Agustina Hilario Durán

  3. Rachael says:

    Fablous job

  4. Rachael says:

    Fabulous job can’t wait

  5. Lng says:

    American DR

  6. katy says:

    Oh wow babe you look amazing! Really giving me inspiration x

  7. Lng says:

    Nice thin and low… Gotta rep for the US doctors the good ones are out there except the bad ones get attention for being cheap. People need to remember however outta county is half as expensive as a bomb ass PS in the US… U don’t get as good meds out if county and u don’t get the personalized care once u leave… Yer on your own and many DRs won’t touch another PS work. Weigh your options but good American PS are here .

  8. Rachael says:

    They have Ps here In my state he does a wonderful job but guess what he cape verdan raised born I believe out of the country Ps are the best

  9. Linda says:

    Is that a bikini cut…DR…doctors usually put the scar extremely low. From what I been seeing thus far. ..they put the cut far from the naval. …that look straight and super high up..

  10. Linda says:

    Look at the scar and how low it is….This was down in Texas….don’t start that don’t start that cattyness….DR vs American stuff. That is not what this far…it’s tt..Q&A

  11. Jennifer says:

    There are SOME good tt doc in the states I had mine in atl but I’m Def going to DR for my booty.

  12. Jaime says:

    I think for me, the doctors in the DR stand out for their skills with Small waists and nice shaped bbl. Not to mention I wanted aggressive lipo. I didn’t just want a low cut tummy tuck. I wanted to be “sculpted” and “shaped”. I went to Duran as well, and her work is pretty consistent. I brought my own pain meds. Plus I liked the idea of being cared for at a recovery house. I didn’t want to have surgery and be sent home next day and have to come in for follow up care. I had round the clock 24/7 nurse care.

  13. Rachael says:

    Amen Jaime jackson any surgery is a risk and American doctors cover up there shit up I researched look in Miami all the messed up tt bb ect I am going September 1st to santo domingo so comfortable happy about my decision

  14. Karina says:

    Jejeje Linda always gets her panties in a bunch over good DR surgery it never fails

  15. Rachael says:

    I am going to the DR only because I did like the way they shaped the bodies and it is cheaper. I will not debate on weather the DR or US is better or worse. I will keep that opinion to myself. As long as you are happy with your surgery than that’s all that matters right? I have seen way too many positive reviews coming out of the DR to not choose them.

  16. Jaime says:

    I will say though, if I had to do it over again, I would still choose my pricey Hawaii PS that did my Boob job over any of the Dominican doctors. I paid 12k, but it was worth it. I didn’t want a “ballsy” looking Boob job. I wanted mine to look and feel 100% real and I wanted NO SCARS. I refused to do a lollipop or under the breast incision. I had a dual plane procedure and went in through my armpit. Got a natural lift and 700cc’s. There is no scar visible at all on my armpits and they are exactly what I wanted.

  17. Jaime says:

    Another reason I wanted to go to my Dominican doctor was for the booty. Finding a US PS that can deliver results I wanted are few and far between. I’m not paying 10grand for a mediocre ass when I can pay half the price for a fatty lol.

  18. Ope says:

    Jaime Jackson that ass is so nice…..The Ms New Booty hoes to my Hawaiian Boo!!!! Linda Chasey your body looks amazing!!!! So does your very low knee length scar

  19. Lng says:

    Going to DR because u say US surgeons suck is like saying I didn’t to your research to find a good US doctor. See a lot of people in all these groups that could have gotten a better job if they payed more money they payed the same as a DR job but don’t get the same amount of service where others want their local doctor who gives free post ops and free medicine refills and if there’s any issue any time u can see them FOR FREE to do repairs . If getting the job done the best way for the cheapest is exactly what I want I would suggest go to DR but if u want personalized care in your home area and all the extras it includes LOOK FOR A GOOD PLASTIC SURGEON… And they don’t come cheap… And that’s because u are paying for the extra care where in DR and other countries u are paying just for the procedure it’s self …. No medical aftercare once u leave that country.

  20. Karina says:

    No most doctors In DR have links at least here in NYC for post op care and they take health insurance and for the price you pay out here yeah post op care and Meds should be free or may u say you already paid for it

  21. Rachael says:

    Karina E sanchez true Dr doctor have doctors in Boston

  22. Nikole says:

    I love your scar you look amazing

  23. Ope says:

    Lng Hurr Dnt Curr it being cheaper has nothing to do with me choice of DR. We researched….Jaime Jackson, Vanessa, and myself for an entire year. I think what really caught my eye about Dra Agustina Hilario Durán was her consistency in her work. We also liked a recovery set up for our post operative care. I did not say I didn’t like every doctors work in the US, it was just not for me or my friends. For medical care my dear, I’m in the military so believe post operative medical care is the least if my worries

  24. Lng says:

    Please the prices had majority to do with it maybe not EVERYTHING.

  25. Rachael says:

    Lng Hurr dnt curr so negative lol wow

  26. Marcia says:

    Ope,try use medina is very good for scars

  27. Paola says:

    I would highly recommend Dra Agustina Hilario Durán for plastic surgery and for post op care. I do not like the work us surgeons perform.

  28. Rachael says:

    Bi oil also so sad we here to support are ladies not talk shit about Us to Santo Domingo prices blah sure we all vaule aee life have done alot of research lets stay postived keep the negative out God dont like ugly

  29. Jaime says:

    What’s wrong with prices/cost having anything to do with it? If I had a choice between 2 good California doctors, and one was $5000 CHEAPER, I’d be a fool NOT to go with the one with the better price lol. There are a million plastic surgeons in the US. How many are as well known on surgery groups, websites, boards, etc as the few reoccurring names you see continuously from the DR? Why hunt through the yellow pages alphabetically through every state to find someone comparable to a Doctor that is already pretty well known throughout the plastic surgery community? Unnecessary waste of time IMO.

  30. Jaime says:

    And I don’t think paying $5-10k MORE is “paying for the extra care”. It’s paying for the price of PS in the United States. Period. When I paid 12k for my boob job in Hawaii, I paid for the fact that yes, he was a good surgeon, but also the fact that it was IN HAWAII. Period, point blank. I went home same day, he did 2 follow up visits (just like Duran did for me), I still had to pay for anesthesia, post of meds, my own supplies for care at home, etc. Same shit IMO. The only difference is the COST, and the fact that the medical standards differ, but after doing a year of research, and having gone abroad and having my surgery, I was comfortable and satisfied with my results as well as the care I received. There aren’t recovery houses for PS here in the US, and if there WAS it would cost an arm and a leg.

  31. Rachael says:

    Jamie jackson Preach it negative negative my doctor I know for years was going to give me a discount price o could of had stomach staple my insurance would of coved it I choice Dr doctors alot of friends went to Miami got messed up chick os just been negative thats all must not know her facts

  32. Jaime says:

    Aggressive lipo is illegal in the US. I wanted aggressive lipo. I didn’t want a tummy tuck in the US and be left with back fat because doctors don’t want to do aggressive lipo to remove it all. Suck that shit out.

  33. Paola says:

    Thats right lol

  34. Ope says:

    Honey believe me MONEY is not a concern for Jaime Jackson, Vanessa and I. Lng Hurr Dnt Curr maybe that’s your focus, but we’re good to go

  35. Ope says:

    Jaime Jackson you’re silly!!!! Suck that ish out lol

  36. Rosa says:

    U look great!! Who was ur Dr??

  37. Shannon says:

    Haters gonna hate….

  38. Lng says:

    I payed WELL OVER 12 thousand dollars for my tummy tuck procedure …. So obviously price wasn’t a concern for me now is it. And all I got was aggressive lip and a full tummy tuck from a PS who has yet to have any complaints……

  39. Lng says:

    Most people say “I went to DR because the price and the results” instead of staying home and searching till your blue in the face for a good surgeon in yiur country. I don’t care if someone goes to Another country but don’t say it’s because American doctors don’t do a good job… Be real and say Say because I can get the same job or better than MOST cheap doctors in the USA or I can pay twice as much as I payed for a good US doctor.

    Thanks goodnight Ps stop tagging me

  40. Evonne says:

    Lng Hurr Dnt Curr can you post picture and who was you Doctor thx

  41. Lng says:

    Find the picture of me wearing all black and look through the thread I keep track of my progress mainly there and my profile ( realself is an online cosmetic surgery forum)

  42. ava says:

    Wow! SMH! Anyways! Ope Benson you look amazing!

  43. Ope says:

    Ava you look amazing as well…..honey I just stay focus on the positive…..negative energy gets filtered and quarantine like the Ebola virus. I didn’t think post op 17 days I wouldn’t have haters but hey that’s what come with beauty and brains.

  44. Nikki says:

    What all did u have done Ope Benson

  45. Ope says:

    BBL (my butt was pretty big, just not full) lipo and Tummy tuck

  46. Amy says:

    You look AMAZING!!! Did you have MR too?

  47. Ope says:

    I did have muscle repair! Completely forgot about that as well

  48. Amy says:

    Seeing your pictures gives me so much Hope!! Thank You!!!

  49. Kereishah says:

    Y do ppl have to be all in there feelings? An opinion is an opinion. Don’t freaking shoot them for that. If ppl prefer DR doctors that’s their preference vice versa for American PS. It’s the same crap as u liking apples but I prefer bananas. Why grown women have to come attack her statement & tell her what she meant or think, that’s childish. Her pictures are beautiful, just support her if ur going to write. Don’t put negativity on her post. There are some good ps doctors in every country, u just have to find them. Yet, some countries have more or less limitations & their own pro and con’s. Ppl need to filter out what is best for them to what they want, like, and pricing. Ijs

  50. Kereishah says:

    Ope I think Duran did her thing. U look great & I luv how low the scar is. Im going to Yily in September. I can’t wait . Lol

  51. Rachael says:

    Kereishah seot when going 1st

  52. Sharon says:

    Did you already have wide hips honey?

  53. Kereishah says:

    Rachel Stillirise Stillirise my date in the 29th

  54. Rachael says:

    I am going September 1

  55. Kereishah says:

    oh ok. good luck … have you pack everything yet?

  56. Rachael says:

    Yep everything packed ready I am ready

  57. Jaime says:

    Why the hell would I want to “search till I’m blue in the face for a good surgeon in my country”? When quite a few good surgeons names are referenced by other patients on realself as well as these fb forums? Honestly, when it comes to my preference, the doctors in the US DON’T produce the results the doctors in the DR produce, simply because they don’t do aggressive lipo. It sucks, but it’s true.

  58. Jaime says:

    Duran made my scar so Low and so thin, you can’t even see the incision with string bikini draws lol. I paid a fraction of what a US doctor would charge.

  59. Ope says:

    I’m Nigerian lol hips for days!!!

  60. Ope says:

    She should have searched harder……Jaime Jackson those results…..yea enough said.

  61. Ope says:

    Ope Benson, you look amazing. I got my surgery done here in Omaha, Nebraska but did look into going to the DR too. I’m also military, but was too worried about risks with the travel and getting my clearance to go. My job is intel and they probably wouldn’t let me travel quickly. I’ve been a mixed family for a very long time and absolutely love the shapes of most black womens booty! I want one of my own and know DR would have done it. My coworker went local, she came out reshaped and sexy! (Black girl)… I was sold. I bought the extended tt, lipo everywhere and bbl! I tried to tell my doc that I wanted a big ass and I think he thought I was joking! I brought my friend in and a bunch of pics, he promised he would do what he could, but that I didn’t have as much fat to lipo as I thought I did… I’m pretty happy with my results at 2weeks. I’ve got a nice round ass now, just wish I could sit a book on it, lol… I love you’re guys results and love seeing your new confidence shine through your posts and pics! Love your dresses too!

  62. Shalako says:

    Amber you know you got a Donk….lol

  63. Jaime says:

    Amber I think doctors in the US can deliver, and you are proof of that! For me, I wanted them to suck the SHIZNIT outta my back lol. If my ass doesn’t fluff the hell up I’m going back for round 2 which I swore I wouldn’t do lol, but I want a badonkadonk lol. Right now I have it but I’m worried it’ll shrink lol. I always had a muscular booty. I can grip a beer bottle with my cheeks haha. I wanted bigger tho. My mom doesn’t understand why anyone would want a big butt. She thinks small flat asses are nice lol

  64. Shannon says:

    Jaime if that butt gets any bigger you will have to only wear spandex… love it

  65. Jaime says:

    Haha. I about died when I went in for a Boob job and asked to be a small D and came out a 36DDD. My husband was happy tho! Lol

  66. Amber says:

    My mom said the same shit to me!

  67. Jaime says:

    She just turned her nose up disgusted lol. I sent her a picture and she says, “jesus. Why in the world would you want that???” Oh and when I got home, i was trying on a bathing suit and my 18yr old son goes, “wth, mom! Why does your butt look like that??? It looks like a big BUBBLE!!!” I replied, “YOUR DADDY LIKES IT LIKE THAT!” He then said, “you guys are triflin.” Lmao

  68. Amber says:

    Lmao! My mom has a pancake ass! She was my sole reason for truly getting a bbl, preventative maintenance!