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Tummy Tuck recently in plastic surgery is a popular procedure. Abdominoplasty is aimed at excision of excess skin tissues and accompanying fatty deposits formed due to the features of the body structure or after childbirth.

Pregnancy and genetic predisposition sometimes lead to the appearance of stretch marks, sagging skin and fat deposits in the abdominal area. Excessive weight loss also contributes to the sagging of skin tissue in this area.

Tummy tuck is a complex and quite difficult surgery to the body. Tummy tuck is not a substitute for diet or treatment of obesity, it is conducted on healthy and fairly tightened patients. The operation is performed under general anesthesia in the hospital for 2-5 hours.

The full preoperative preparation is carried out before its carrying out, the control over the basic parameters of an organism is carried out by analyzes, researches and consultations with profile experts.

Despite the fact, that cosmetic suture is superimposed , the body will remain a traces. Plastic surgeons usually make an incision above the pubic area, so that the seam is subsequently closed with underwear or a swimsuit.

Recovery after Tummy tuck

To prevent accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity during recovery, drainage tubes are placed in this area, which are removed after 2 days. It is necessary to wear compression underwear, which resembles a corset.

Such tightly fitting underwear helps to reduce puffiness, gives support to the muscles in the process of recovery. The consequences in the form of pain, swelling and bruising are analogous to any surgical operation. Compression underwear should be worn for several weeks, at the same time you will experience a feeling of pain that will gradually disappear.

Usually the recovery period ends after one to three weeks. For a full recovery, you need four weeks, after which you can resume sports, lifting weights. However, if sudden fluctuations in weight appear or another pregnancy occurs, the effect of tummy tuck may decrease or disappear.

Therefore, it is necessary to follow the right diet and practice an active healthy lifestyle with regular exercise.

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