Best decision for tummy tuck

Personal exam better than online opinion for tummy tuck decision

The decision for a tummy tuck is based on the degree of skin laxity, +/- muscle separation. +/- localized disproportionate fat. Unfortunately it is not possible to tell from the photo whether your degree of skin laxity is enough to justify a tummy tuck. Best option would be to get a second opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon. (Richard Baxter, MD, Seattle Plastic Surgeon)

If you think that you need a tummy tuck, send pictures from multiple angles. Find an expert at these surgeries who performs hundreds each year and has great reviews and before and after pictures

Making The Decision To Have Tummy tuck Surgery

It is impossible to answer without better photos showing how much extra skin you have or an examination. That said ask your surgeon why he feels you are not a candidate for an abdominoplasty or get a second opinion from a specialist in your area.

An examination is necessary to give you a definitive second option.Your photos suggest that you may be a candidate for liposuction alone and/or some type of limited or modified tummy tuck.Please see an experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for an evaluation.

Tummy tuck or not?

From the photos alone, you appear to be a good candidate for a tummy tuck. However, your surgeon probably has good reasons why you may not be a good candidate for this operation. A thorough history and physical exam and discussion of your expectations would be needed to make this determination. (David S. Chang, MD, San Francisco Plastic Surgeon)

You look like a good candidate for abdominoplasty to me.

The photograph it looks as though you’re an excellent candidate for an abdominoplasty. It’s important you know the trade-offs before choosing this as an operation for you. (Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon)