Can you have a child after a tummy tuck

Generally it is advised to wait to have your tummy tuck until after you are done having children because pregnancy can undo the results of your tummy tuck and you may require a secondary tummy tuck to regain the results.

However, there is no reason that you cannot have a tummy tuck and enjoy the results for the next 5 years, as long as you know that there is the possibilty that you may require another tummy tuck afterwards to re-achieve those results. (Tarick K. Smaili, MD, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon)

Tummy tucks can be performed on those wishing to have a child or more children in the future. Pregnancy may create the conditions that allow one to seek the benefits of a tummy tuck ( ie. skin laxity, stretch marks, protuberant abdomen). In my opinion it does not affect your candidacy.

Can i have a child after a tummy tuck

I have operated on several women who have had pregnancies subsequent to their tummy tuck procedures. Their post partum pictures are typically just as good as their postop pictures. There are certainly issues that you need to be aware of.

Most are related to the possibilty of requiring a future revisional procedure. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages with your plastic surgeon as they may relate to you and your future plans. (Nick Masri, MD, Miami Plastic Surgeon)

Tummy tuck still an option, even if you want more children

A child after a tummy tuck surgery

Yes, you can have a tummy tuck before having another child! It’s advisable to wait until you’re done with childbearing, of course, but you will do no awful harm by having it done soone. I would not compromise the procedure, though–I would do the muscle tightening if you have diastasis, even knowing you may have another pregnancy. Having the muscle tightening, if you need it, will give you a better result and it won’t compromise any future pregnancy. You just may need a little touchup after that last pregnancy. (Carmen Kavali, MD, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon)

Tummy tuck before vs after having children.

Normally I recommend patients to have a tummy tuck done after they are done having children. You can have a tummy tuck before you are done having children but you may lose your entire result due to skin stretching and weight gain. (Jaime Perez, MD, Tampa Plastic Surgeon)

A child after a tummy tuck

Getting pregnant after a tummy tuck

It is possible to become pregnant after a tummy tuck. Keep in mind the fact future pregnancies may affect the outcome of your surgery and may lead to further skin stretching or stretch marks.

Patients of mine who have become pregnant after a tummy tuck sometimes elect to receive a small revision to tighten any loose skin that may have resulted from the pregnancy. (Pat Pazmino, MD, Miami Plastic Surgeon)

Tummy tuck before being done with children

Can you have a child after abdominoplasty

It is certainly not advisable to have a tummy tuck before you are done having children. All surgery carries risk and the tummy tuck is the riskiest surgery routinely done by plastic surgeons because of the risk of DVT and PE which can be fatal. Plus future pregnancies taking apart the result makes this not a good plan. (Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS, Seattle Plastic Surgeon)

There is no contraindication to pregnancy after tummy tuck, even if the muscle is tightened. Normally we do not recommend tummy tuck until you are finished having children because it can destroy the result. However, if someone is planning on postponing pregancy for a long time or not sure she will have another pregnancy, it is not unreasonable to proceed with the tummy tuck, assuming you understand that the result will most likely be adversely affected by a pregnancy. (Tracy Pfeifer, MD, Manhattan Plastic Surgeon)