Change bandages after tummy tuck

hoping my recovery starts getting easier, gets frustrating seeing everyone else so happy and im miserable, I have a problem spot I have to change bandages after tummy tuck on 3-4 times a day because it split open, dr apt on weds, still having eating troubles and difficulties from MR and I know swelling doesn’t go away for like 2 months LOL [[mr 9muscle repair) having trouble eating after surgery this is what i was talking about]] this is what happens when you get MR and cant eat after words because i was sewn so tight. the TOP 3 PICTURES, were all before surgery, and the BOTTOM 3 PICTURES are 2W PO (ill be 4w po this coming Friday) I still cant eat much due to tightness and I get no hunger symptoms or signs. you can see there’s clear weight loss. I can barely eat 900 cals worth of food a day and a majority of my intake is fluids (NOT HEALTHY). I feel like ive had gastric bypass JUST FINALLY GOT CLEARED TO START A DAILY MULTIVITAMIN ON WEDS! AFTER WEEKS OF THIS. and its definitely affecting my healing time, how I feel, and energy. this isn’t a common thing and my drs don’t know why it has affected me so severely. usually symptoms go away after a few weeks but mine aren’t budging. why me. seriously. on top of it all im so medicated up right now I have to keep it literally tracked in a notebook. still. trying to ease myself off because I don’t want to get addicted or deal with withdraws but honestly im so over all of this. just keeps getting worse.

recovery after tummy tuck

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  1. Karen says:

    I have been feeling similar, a lot of mixed emotions. I have only really started to feel better and stand straighter and not feel so so right today and yesterday. I’m one month PO tomorrow. I spend a lot of the earlier weeks crying and thinking I did this to myself but I think it’s part of the healing process. Good luck to you and know you did it for all the right reasons and you will be better and there will be a normal