Compression stockings after tummy tuck

Just had an email back from my surgeon, he’s not too concerned about the swelling after tummy tuck, he is confident it is damage to the lymph channels from the tummy tuck surgery and that some are functioning because it is draining with elevation and rest. He’s suggested full length compression stockings from a physio as the compression pants won’t help. So will go see how they’ll cost and decide whether I’ll use them or just ride it out


  1. Amber says:

    Well that’s some good news that his not concerned can you use your stockings from the hospital for now

  2. Tracy says:

    Yeah that’s what I’ll do for now but if I can get ones that aren’t white and can maybe be worn like ordinary stockings for work I’ll give them a go… But not paying too much for them

  3. Steph says:

    That’s good to hear, hopefully you find some in-expensive stockings

  4. Loren says:

    How’s ur arms Tracy

  5. Tracy says:

    Arms are all good Loren, have to wear the tubigrip every now and then when they start aching a bit but overall no issues with them

  6. Loren says:

    I’ve been using mepiform
    It’s amazing stuff

  7. Tracy says:

    Wow your arms look fantastic! Where do you get mepiform? Is it tubular ?

  8. Loren says:

    No it’s a silicone scar sheet
    It’s great independence store australia

  9. Tracy says:

    Ahh ok..will have a look, although my scars are healing up nicely, I think I’m lucky I seem to heal really well

  10. Loren says:

    Mine are healing well but I heard about mepiform and will do anything to make them lighter n flatter

  11. Te says:

    Good to hear everythings all normal

  12. Tracy says:

    Yeah I think I might give it a try…..I had a massage last night mostly on my legs but a little on back and arms too, wow my legs just feel amazing this morning and the swelling in thighs has gone down quite a bit and while my foot is still swollen it’s not cold and achy! Booked another for 2 weeks time and hoping they will help get things moving a bit better

  13. Te says:

    What type of massage did you have tracy