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Name: Sharline Z. Aboutanos, MD
Last name: Aboutanos
Began aesthetic medicine in: 2011
Years experience: 9
Primary Specialty: Plastic Surgeon
Website: https://aboutanosplasticsurgery.com/
Business: Richmond Plastic Surgeons
Address: 1630 Wilkes Ridge Pkwy.
Address suite: Ste. 201
City: Richmond
State: Virginia
Zip Code: 23233
Country: US
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Clinical Privileges
  • Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital, Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital, Chippenham Johnston Willis Hospital
  • Undergraduate: University of Miami
  • Medical: MD, University of Miami School of Medicine
Postdoc Training
  • Residency: Plastic Surgery, VCU Health Systems / MCV Hospitals
  • Fellowship: Craniofacial and Pediatric Plastic Surgery, Dr. Louis Morales, Jr., Primary Children’s Hospital
Member of
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)

GPS coordinates on map: 37.5408,-77.43389893

Sharline Z. Aboutanos, MD

Primary location
Location name: Richmond
State: VA
Country: US
Map point: 37.5408,-77.43389893
  • Arm Lift
  • Body Lift
  • Botox
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Fat Transfer
  • Breast Implant Removal
  • Breast Implant Revision
  • Breast Implants
  • Breast Lift
  • Breast Lift with Implants
  • Breast Reconstruction
  • Breast Reconstruction Revision
  • Breast Reconstruction with Latissimus Flap
  • Breast Reduction
  • Chin Liposuction
  • Cleft Lip And Palate Repair
  • Ear Surgery
  • Earlobe Surgery
  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Facelift
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  • Ideal Implant
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  • Latisse
  • Lip Augmentation
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  • Mini Tummy Tuck
  • Mommy Makeover
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  • Sientra Breast Implants
  • Tummy Tuck
  • UltraShape
  • Velashape
  • Voluma
  • Wrinkle Treatment

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  • Richmond, VA, US. GPS coordinates: 37.5408,-77.43389893

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I have 20 year old saline implants. Seems as if normal asymmetry has worsened over time. Is t
Breast Asymmetry
Jan 11, 2018
Thank you for your question. Yes, it is possible to have worsening asymmetry without a leak. This can be due to capsular contracture (scar formation) in patients with implants over time. Treatment can include removal of the implants, release or removal of the capsules and replacement of the implants. I would visit a board certified plastic surgeon for evaluation of your breasts and implants. He/she can better assess you in person during an exam and discuss treatment options.
I’m going to get implants. Do I need a lift, too?
Breast Lift With Implant Placement
Jan 11, 2018
Thank you for your question. It appears that your nipples are lower than your inframammary fold. You will most likely need a mastopexy at the same time as breast augmentation. I would discuss your concerns with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Good luck to you during your surgery.
Time for implant removal. So tired of them. Do I have to deflate them (saline) before the bre
Implant Removal
Jan 11, 2018
Thank you for your question. It is not necessary to deflate the implants before removal and mastopexy. Make sure to fins a board-certified plastic surgeon that is experienced in breast implants and mastopexy so that he/she can advise you about the best treatment plan for you. Good luck with your surgery.
2 days after having drains removed from implant replacement, scar tissue revision, the drain
Drainage after surgery
Jan 11, 2018
Thank you for your question. It is best to follow up with your surgeon. He or she can guide you appropriately about the significance of the drainage. Good luck in your recovery.
I chose an implant 2cm less than my BWD. Is that a bad idea?
Breast Width and Implant Size
Dec 30, 2017
Thank you for your question. Typically, I advise patients to choose the volume that they desire and are happy with. A wider implant is not necessary to give you the look you are looking for. Be sure to discuss these questions with your plastic surgeon. Good luck with your upcoming procedure.
Do I need to lose weight first or since I plan to do Lipo and a fat transfer to, does it matt
Weight Loss Before Cosmetics Surgery
Dec 30, 2017
Thank you for your question. Typically, I recommend that patients try to get close to their ideal body weight before cosmetic surgery. Losing weight will help reduce surgical risks. This will also help to ensure longer-lasting results after surgery. Discussing your concerns with a board certified plastic surgeon is important in the consultation process.
Will my breasts get smaller?
Breast Size After Augmentation
Dec 30, 2017
Thank you for your question. At two weeks post-breast augmentation, you can continue to have increased swelling. It is also possible that your breast implants have not "dropped" into a more natural location on your chest, which usually occurs around 3 months after surgery. You may want to check in with your plastic surgeon to be sure that you are recovering as expected. Good luck to you in your recovery.
I have 650cc hp silicone implants and switching to 800cc silicone. Will I be able to see a di
Increasing Implant Size
Dec 30, 2017
Thank you for your question. When increasing the volume of your implants, you should be able to see a difference. This does depend on whether the same style implant is being used. Make sure you discuss this with your plastic surgeon prior to your surgery date. Good luck with your procedure.
Had breast implants put in 20 years ago, then after my son decided to have a revision. What i
Breast Augment Revision
Dec 30, 2017
Thank you for your question. The lines along the inner and upper part of your breast appear to be rippling of the implant. This can be improved with several techniques: 1. switching from saline to gel implants, 2. placement of the implants under the pectoralis muscle, and 3. fat grafting to the breast. If this continues to bother you, you should discuss with your plastic surgeon to determine the option best for you.
Armpits are irritated after brachioplasty
Irritation after brachioplasty
Dec 30, 2017
If the compression garment is rubbing on your suture lines, you may want to ask your surgeon if it is OK to pad that area with gauze so that it does not rub open the incisions. This irritation should improve over time as things continue to heal. Good luck in your recovery.
Do breast implants drop and fluff at separate times but still end up "matching" at the end re
Healing after breast augmentation
Oct 7, 2017
Thank you for your question. You are early in the healing period. Typically, it takes 3-6 months for swelling to resolve and the implants to take a more relaxed position after breast augmentation. It is not unusual for one to be a little different from the other during this healing process. Discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon so that he/she can advise you of the expected recovery and possibly suggest exercises to massage your implants. Best of luck during your recovery.
How long do I wear a bra after a breast lift and augmentation?
Bra use after mastopexy and breast augmentation
Oct 7, 2017
Thank you for your question. The use of a surgical bra after mastopexy/breast augmentation varies from surgeon to surgeon. Typically, I recommend use of a surgical bra for about 4 weeks. After that, provided the patient has healed without complications, I allow the patient to get into something more comfortable. Check in with your plastic surgeon for their specific instructions. Best of luck in your recovery.
Is there any type of nipple revision surgery?
Nipple placement after breast augmentation
Oct 7, 2017
Thank you for your question and your pictures. You are in the early stages of healing and recovery after breast augmentation. Typically, it takes at least 3 months for the swelling to resolve and for the breast implants to take a more natural position. Discuss your concerns about the nipple-areola location with your plastic surgeon early on so that he/she can reassure you of the expected healing process and possibly show you exercises for implant massage. Best of luck...
Is high blood pressure a problem for surgery? I'm wanting tubular correction.
High blood pressure and elective surgery
Oct 7, 2017
Thank you for your question. Yes, high blood pressure can increase your risks of bleeding and complications with anesthesia. It is important to have your blood pressure well-controlled before considering elective surgery. You may need a cardiologist or your primary care physician to clear you for surgery. It is also important to discuss your medical history and concerns with a board certified plastic surgeon. Best of luck.
Surgery to be done in doctors office, does that mean I will be under IV Sedation?
Anesthesia Options
Oct 7, 2017
Thank you for your question. It is still possible to have general anesthesia in a surgery suite associated with your plastic surgeon's office. I recommend that you call your plastic surgeon ahead of time to find out if the surgery center is an accredited surgery facility. Also, it is important to know who will administer the anesthesia and what kind of anesthesia to expect on your surgery day. Good luck to you.

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