Emotions before tummy tuck

Feeling a bit emotional tonight, having a little cry to myself a few times. Feeling a bit worried about my upcoming surgery, like I’m sure that we all do. I think that it might be because my hubby won’t be their with me, he will be home when I come home, but I have always had him with me for my tummy tuck operations, his lovely mum is going to be with me and she will look after me well I know but still feeling sad. I know that I want this operation to happen, but worried also, but what kind of person would we be if we didn’t worry hey I would so love these next 2 weeks, damn even a week to fast forward lol.


  1. Shalako says:

    Oh I hear you Hun, your certainly not alone there ! Particularly the week before hand I would wake up after weird dreams at like 2 in the morning and all I could think about was the tummy tuck surgery I had a bit of a cry myself one of those nights. It’s just a very emotional time , but you will be fine ! Xx

  2. Kirsty says:

    Yeah emotions can get the better of us that’s for sure hey, hubby is going out to work tomorrow morning so making me sadder. But the next 2 days at least I won’t have time to think (at least during the day) as will be busy at work trying to get everything organized. But night times will be hard and especially when my son goes to bed.

  3. Shalako says:

    Aww it’s always hard when they leave,this would make it that much harder I think! Yeah exactly, I’m super busy during the day but at night once my mind finished racing and had a chance to think , I couldn’t think of anything else but the surgery!

  4. Ann-Marie says:

    It sure is hard to not think about it all those emotions specially when u gona be away from the ones u love most love .. God yeh nite times r so the worst u lay there for hours trying to sleep u full asleep and then it’s time to get up again it’s like grrr … So where r u having u surgery love

  5. D-m says:

    U will be fine worry of the unknown is natural but don’t let it get irrational

  6. Kirsty says:

    Thanks ladies having my op this Thursday

  7. D-m says:

    U will be fine good luck with it

  8. Tracy says:

    You certainly aren’t alone, we all have doubts and teary moments! I didn’t have my husband with with at all for any of my surgeries, he’s just not the caregiving type, I stayed with my eldest son for 3 or 4 weeks after tummy tuck surgery and then came home when I was more able to do most things for myself!

  9. Ann-Marie says:

    That would been hard for u Tracy not being at home to recover .. I’d kick my hubby’s butt if he didn’t look after me .. Lol .. But suppose everyone’s different maybe he doesn’t wana c u in pain love I know my man doesn’t but he’d rather me be at home recovering .. How’s u swelling and pain been love .. Any surgery is an emotional time but more if u loosing something that’s been a part of u for many yrs .. But just think of the new journey to a happier life u are embarking on