Gain weight after tummy tuck surgery

Aargh not impressed! Prior to my tummy tuck I weighed 66 kilos! 3 weeks before my tummy tuck surgeon took out most of my fill in my lap band! So with all the stress prior I put on a few kilos and went up to 70 kg! I wasn’t to concerned as I was told that most people don’t eat to much after TT and then I would have my band re filled and can work off the extra KGs once I was able to ! So day of my surgery I was 71 kg, and I know that with swelling not to expect to walk out with lots of weight off but Ever since day 4 PO after tummy tuck I’ve been sooo hungry ! And I jumped on the scales at my PO appointment yesterday and I was 75kg!!! my surgeon said don’t worry to much as weight can really fluctuate but I’m almost 10 KGs heavier than what I’ve ever weighed in the last 6 years and it’s seriously depressing !!! I know I’m probably being hard on my self but I can not wait to be able till my surgeon re fills my band and I can start exercising !!


  1. Angela says:

    Same happened to my girlfriend. Don’t they put saline into your cavity when lipo and on a drip post tummy tuck op?

  2. Tracy says:

    I know the feeling Shalako, but it will come back off! I’m currently 5 kilos over my goal weight and I’m not happy with myself either! You’ll be fine and you will get the weight off, avoid the scales for a while as swelling will mess with the numbers anyway! Just be good to yourself and try to eat the healthy stuff when you are hungry

  3. Shalako says:

    I think it’s just one of those days ! I’m certainly not hoping on the scales anytime soon again! I’m trying to eat well when I’m hungry but it’s just frustrating, I’m not used to being so hungry !

  4. Gail says:

    Eat nutritious soups and healthy snacks , no fat and no carbs ….. The weight will drop off.
    I lost 20 kilos in 5 months … No exercise.
    Rapid loss shakes for breaky and lunch … Apples and raw veg for snacks.
    You’ll be alright

  5. Jade says:

    I gained 8 kilos in hospital with my tummy tuck started at 72 kilos left hospital 80 kilos now 1 yr post tummy tuck op, im 12 kilos down 68 kilos, you will definitely lose it, most people I’ve spoken to have put weight on while in hospital

  6. Tracy says:

    It’s actually so weird to feel hungry, I’m not used to it either! I’m seeing how I go over the next month and if I can’t budge it will go and get the last bit of my fill back in

  7. Jo says:

    I am sooooooo hearing you with regards to the weight gain, from the day of my tummy tuck surgery I have gained 10 kg’s!!!! Talk about being devastated like you would not believe, but in saying this I have had issues with my thyroid playing up so we are back to working out which dose is the correct one for me… Go back and have blood tests in 6 weeks to check levels again…. I soooo not feeling the love at the moment I go back and see my Bariatric dr in 2 weeks and I am going to say to him ” fill that fucker up” – sorry for the language but I just really frustrated at the moment….

  8. Lucy says:

    This may be a strange question but i’m getting a warming feeling down both my legs since my tummy tuck. Has anyone else had this sensation?

  9. Tracy says:

    Yeah and my thighs were so tight…I think it’s where they’ve been numb and are “waking up” again but obviously not 100% sure on that for you! check with the nurse or Andrew, you’d still be on weekly visits?

  10. Lucy says:

    Yeah it’s only happened the last week or so but will ask when I go in. seeing andrew on tues, yep weekly visits