How long is a tummy tuck surgery ?

Surgery Times

The opinion of most surgeons on time of operation is as follows: anyone who takes longer is not as skilled as I am and is wasting time and money.

Anyone who is faster is dangerous and is more concerned with speed than result and really does not care about the patient.

That said, the bigger the person, the more there is to do, and the longer it takes.

Time for an operation must also take into account getting into the room and going to sleep, prep, the operation, and waking up and getting out of the room.

These times are likely greater than 2 hours and less than 5.

How long is a tummy tuck surgery question

Patients should find a surgeon who has a reputation for good results and happy patients – his or her time that is quoted is what it takes them to achieve these results. (Mark D. Wigod, MD, Boise Plastic Surgeon)

How long does a tummy tuck take

A tummy tuck will usually take between three and four hours. Quite a bit of this time may be devoted to liposuction of the abdominal wall and flanks. Sometimes extra sutures are placed inside to allow us to depend less on drains. Sometimes hernias are encountered and need to be fixed. Placement of a pain pump may often add to the duration of the operation. In short, there are many variables that determine the length of this surgery. (Ira H. Rex lll, MD, Fall River Plastic Surgeon)

Usually 2-3 hours. Remember that will not be the total time you spend in the surgery room. There are a lot of processes before and after the surgery and every facility has different times. (Luis Redondo, MD, Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon)

How long does the surgery for TT and Muscle repair take?

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The time it takes for a Tummy Tuck and muscle repair varies with the complexity of the surgery and the surgeon. Generally speaking the average varies between 3-4 hours.

Please consult an experienced board certified plastic surgeon. For more information about Tummy Tuck please read the following link. (Brooke R. Seckel, MD, FACS, Boston Plastic Surgeon)

Length of tummytuck surgery

The average is about 3 hours. For someone very thin – somewhat less and for people after major weight loss or who are on the heavy side, it can be 4 hours or, at times, even longer depending on the amount of excess skin. Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon)

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The length of the procedure will vary greatly from one plastic surgeon to another depending on factors such as surgeon’s “speed”, quality of assistance in the operating room, and exactly what procedures are being performed.

Therefore, best to run this question by your chosen plastic surgeon. (Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS, San Diego Plastic Surgeon)