How much liquid drain after tummy tuck

Hey quick question ? ! How much liquid did your drain have per day after abdominoplasty?


  1. Tracy says:

    They all vary, I can’t remember what I started off at but they were removed once they were below 30ml in a 24 hr period. Mine were removed after 15 days of tummy tuck.

  2. Miranda says:

    I never drained more than 5 ml per day after tummy tuck. Everyone is different

  3. Shalako says:

    Well one of mine has been about 30 ml since tummy tuck surgery and the other one has been 100ml since surgury. I was just thinking maybe they would have started to go down a bit ! But I have been swollen today so maybe that has something to so with it ?

  4. Tracy says:

    How is the fluid drainage today Shalako ? Is it starting to slow down?

  5. Shalako says:

    It actually is!! It went down quite a bit last night

  6. Tracy says:

    So pleased to hear that, hopefully will slow enough for the drains to come out soon

  7. Shalako says:

    Hopefully!! They are rather inconvenient !