How to get rid of hanging skin?

Exercise can’t solve excess skin

Cardio is important to your well being, though when skin exess remains after pregnancy or weight loss, exercise alone will not be enough.

Tummy tuck will address the skin excess or sagging, and get your trim figure back in shape. (Peter E. Johnson, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

Cardio Will Not Correct Excess Skin

Neither cardio nor any other intense exercise program will correct excess skin, although both will have positive results on any excess fat in the abdomen. A tummy tuck is probably the only means to improve your situation.

How to get rid of hanging skin tummy tuck before

Obtain a consultation with a BC plastic surgeon with whom you can discuss the benefits and risks. (John Whitt, MD (retired), Louisville Plastic Surgeon)

Hanging Belly

Without reviewing pictures of your abdomen it’s impossible to tell if you have excess that will need to be surgically removed or slightly loose skin. (Jeffrey Hartog, MD, Orlando Plastic Surgeon)

A tummy tuck is a great way to reshape the abdomen after children

How to get rid of hanging skin tummy tuck before and after

Even though it’s hard to give you an exact answer without seeing you, a tummy tuck is a great way to remove the excess skin after childbirth. Diet and exercise are wonderful and I encourage all of my patients to eat well and exercise frequently. However, it’s hard to get the loose hanging skin to look good just with diet and exercise. Having had a lot of experience with patients just like you, they are thrilled with the result they get with a tummy tuck. A great diet and exercise afterward will help you maintain your new shape for years to come. (Jeffrey E. Schreiber, MD, FACS, Baltimore Plastic Surgeon)

Doing cardio exercises is a good idea but it is unlikely to improve an abdomen once the skin starts to hang, You may consider a tummy tuck if you are done having kids. You should discuss this with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. (Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

Indications for a Tummy-tuck

How to get rid of hanging skin before photo

The most common indications for a tummy-tuck would be; loose abdominal skin, especially in the lower abdomen and loose abdominal wall muscles. The most common causes of loose abdominal wall skin are either pregancy and/or weight loss.

Also with pregnancy, the abdominal wall muscles get pulled apart, leaving a gap in the midline of the abdomen. A tummy-tuck corrects both of these issues. Weight loss unfortunately, can only go so far.

Stretched out skin has lost its elasticity and can only be improved with removal of the excess skin. Same goes for the abdominal musculature. (Robert M. Jensen, MD, Medford Plastic Surgeon)