Huge belly after tummy tuck

Hi everyone! Im 6 weeks after tummy tuck surgery and for some reason my belly is huge all over!! I have recently discarded the support garment due to my plastic surgeon’s instructions. Is this normal??? Thanks in advance


  1. Bobbi says:

    If you are still swelling you might want to continue using your cg’s, it does help in keeping the swelling down. I’m 5 mos po & still use my cg’s. @ 6weeks po you are still healing.

  2. Roni says:

    I’m 8 weeks after tummy tuck and I still wear a support garment. I was advised by my PS to do so. Besides that I feel more comfortable with it thigh i do take it to sleep. Try Arnica tea once a day to help with swelling, you can get it at Walmart. Other than that i think you just have to wait it out. Best of luck

  3. Claire says:

    Ok thanks guys, mite put it back on 4 a while…..i kinda feel lost without it now lol x

  4. Debra says:

    I plan on using a cg always at bedtime. But now it feels good 24/7. 26 days post tummy tuck operation

  5. Jovann says:

    I wear mine like second skin, my surgeon told me once the drains were removed, to keeo it on..only remove it to shower and use the bathroom to poo…it has helped so much with the swelling one of the main reasons as to why its so tight…but it doesnt feel tight at all…if actually feels weird without it on

  6. Roni says:

    Yup I get ya Jovanna

  7. Lucy says:

    I am surprised you were advised to stop wearing your garment so soon, its an important part of your tissue and skin healing I would advise a to wear a garment min 6 wks post tummy tuck op, you may find that after the first 4 wks you will want to wear a smaller size garment this is good news of course! It depends on how adjustable the garment you have is. You can move on to a 2nd stage garment in the later weeks, for many people this is for returning to work and normal daily activities, working out etc. Best to have one to wear and one to launder and then you can keep wearing a garment at all times immediate post opp. Arnica tablets and Arnica gel are great also drink plenty of water – flush out those toxins. Happy healing