Physical job after tummy tuck

So my doctor recently gave me the ok to workout again at my 6 week check up but take it easy and not to push myself too far to the point it hurts for my Tummy Tuck. Since then I did yard work and found some blood coming out of my outside scar. My friend said it’s probably a inside suture trying to push threw. I started working at a mechanic shop working on vehicles and at the end of the day my tummy muscles are so sore. Just wondering if I’m doing to much too soon working on vehicles. It requires a lot of wrenching using a lot of core strength and body weight to break open bolts, change tires or parts and bending over into engine compartments and working under big trucks and practically doing a crunch to get myself back up after working under a big truck off of a creeper bored that moves me around under the vehicle. Surgery was Feb 26. Should I have waited longer to start working such a physical job? I’m in pain more and more lately especially after work my muscles are starting to hurt again sitting or getting up


  1. Megan says:

    Its going to be hard either way going back to physical work. I think you may be doing too much too soon though. My surgeon gave me the ok to do light excersise 6 weeks post op tummy tuck so things like cardio (jogging, walkind etc) he told me to wait till at least 8-10 weeks before doing any ab work.

  2. Kim says:

    My two cents:
    Always remember that all of our plastic surgery experiences will be different.
    Recovery depends on:
    **Your overall health
    **Genetics (how your scar may heal)
    **Your doctor’s surgery training, skills and techniques
    **How much skin/fat is removed
    **If you follow your doctor’s orders
    **Age – some of us bounce back better when we’re younger
    Etc etc etc, I could go on.
    My point is to not assume that one person’s experience will be yours.
    Ask, listen and process people’s advice and suggestions as YOU see fit. As well, remember to also do your own leg work to ensure you make the best choice for you.
    Sending with warm regards!