Pregnancy after tummy tuck

pregnant after tummy tuck

Tummy tuck – plastic surgery to help get rid of the excess tissue of the anterior abdominal wall by removing removing protrusions and sagging (eg arising after childbirth or too fast weight loss).

All women dream of the perfect flat tummy and a slim waist. Unfortunately, not all endowed with the ideal forms from the birth. And tummy tuck may to help a woman tending to perfection figure. But as you know, the beauty demands victims.

How big are these “victims” in this case? Can tummy tuck prevent future pregnancies? How painful is the procedure itself and what sensations during rehabilitation? How long will achieved effect?

By answering these and other questions, we will try to relieve you of some errors and misconceptions regarding this method of correction of figure.

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Pregnancy after tummy tuck will not affect the effect achieved with surgery. It’s true, if passed at least a year after surgery. Indeed, tonus the tissues of the anterior abdominal wall after abdominoplasty is restored during this period of time. Complete absorption of surgical sutures, tightening abdominal muscles, there comes about a year. If pregnancy occurs earlier, non-resorbed threads will constrain growth (increase) in the stomach, causing discomfort. Pregnancy could adversely affect on the results of surgery.

Full recovery after a tummy tuck takes a month or two. This is not entirely true. Much depends on the patient’s physique. The recovery process of very obese women after removal of a large volume of tissue (“skin and fat apron”) is longer (3-6 months) than in lean patients who underwent only excision of excess skin (for example, to remove stretch marks after giving birth) and recovering, as a rule a month and a half after surgery.

pregnancy after a tummy tuck

Pain retained after tummy tuck for a long time, and possible loss of sensitivity. If the surgery has passed normally and without complications, during the first two – three weeks of recovery may be pain when walking, general malaise, swelling of tissues. After two or three months, these symptoms completely disappear. In some patients during one – three months may be a decrease in sensitivity in the field of seams. In such cases, you should always consult with a specialist, and to comply with certain rules (for example, do not put hot water bottle on the seat seam, etc.)

Abdominoplasty is applied only to abdomen, waist undergoes changes little. This is a misconception. The surgeon, in accordance with the requirements of the patient, can adjust the shape of the navel and form a thin waist. In fact, many women evaluate the result of surgery namely by appearance the navel. It should be remembered that the reduction of waist with tummy tuck occurs in any case, since the excess skin and the subcutaneous fat is removed , and muscle sutured the anterior abdominal wall.

You can not go to the gym and it is necessary to reduce physical activity to a minimum. In fact, after two or three months formed a reliable subcutaneous scar at the point where the muscles were ligated. If the recovery was uneventful, after this period you can gradually increase physical activity (especially abdominal muscles), for example, during exercises gym.

getting pregnant after a tummy tuck

Cesarean and tummy tuck. For women who have had a cesarean section, abdominoplasty is contraindicated. Caesarean section is not a contraindication for this type of cosmetic surgery. Moreover – tummy tuck can replace retracted scar in the lower abdomen with a thin cosmetic suture.

Tummy tuck is done only for beauty. This surgery can help with certain diseases. For example, if the patient has a hernia, then during surgery abdominoplasty can suture hernia gates. Also, it may be eliminated by the omission of the internal organs – after suturing the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall ensures a corset effect, therefore, support the internal organs increases.

Tummy tuck without liposuction is not carried out. This is not entirely true. Since abdominoplasty often performed in patients with excess adipose tissue, arises need to carry out two surgeries simultaneously. But if you only want to remove the excess skin – liposuction is not necessary.

Pregnancy after abdominoplasty

Certainly there will be complications after abdominoplasty. As a rule, complications occur in patients who are overweight, concomitant diseases or bad habits (smoking). Besides the common complications (fat and thromboembolism, acute renal failure) and local complications (discrepancy of postoperative sutures, skin necrosis, impaired skin sensitivity and swelling in the area of ​​surgery, etc.), some time after the surgery may appear aesthetic problems. For example, asymmetry, uneven contours scarring. To prevent their occurrence, you should strictly follow all the recommendations of the doctor and wear a compression garment.

Tummy tuck is contraindicated for many people. Abdominoplasty has no more contraindications, than any other type of surgery. Obstacle to this surgery can be diabetes, heart and lung failure decompensation, severe obesity, pregnancy, planned for next year.

Is it possible a pregnancy after tummy tuck surgery?

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Implementation of tummy tuck is not a contraindication for eventual pregnancy and has no effect in the follow. However, if you are planning a pregnancy and birth in the near future, then, of course, it is better to postpone the surgery on the postpartum period, to exclude the possibility of changes in the esthetic outcome of surgery.

How soon you can plan a pregnancy after abdominoplasty? How long you can play sports (fitness, aerobics) after tummy tuck?

Pregnancy after tummy tuck better plan no earlier than 1 year. You can begin to play sports in 2-3 months after abdominoplasty. Pregnancy after surgery is not excluded. If the patient is planning a pregnancy, then suturing the aponeurosis  is performed absorbable threads.

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In 1993, I had a tummy tuck with the transfer of the navel. Now I am pregnant, 6 weeks. Can I have a problem, if any? need to re-surgery?

After a tummy tuck, made in 1993, during pregnancy should be no problem. Plastic of aponeurosis will not prevent the growth of the abdomen and the fetus.

I did abdominoplasty  6 months ago. Now 7 weeks of pregnancy. Unplanned pregnancy, because husband had mumps in 13 years, and the doctors said that the probability of having children  is virtually nonexistent. We are together for 6 years. I have a daughter of 9 years. I do not know what to do, terribly afraid to give birth because of the tummy tuck. Tell me, if I leave the child, what is the probability that the stomach will break again, and what can be done?

You have nothing to fear about your health and the health of the child. If the belly again will droop, you do re-tummy tuck surgery.