Removing of the stitches around navel after tummy tuck

Do they remove the stitches around your navel after tummy tuck?


  1. Shanette says:

    I’m wondering this too?

  2. Kirsty says:

    Mine are dissolvable stitches, only stitches that had to be removed were the ones that was holding my drains in

  3. Julia says:

    I have an appointment tomorrow… I’ll let you know. As I am going to be asking for ANY stitches poking out of me … of which there are LOTS in my boobs to all be trimmed or cut off. OMG I’m fed up with dressing wounds.

  4. Miranda says:

    Mine were removed around my BB. But it’s numb, so you don’t feel it

  5. Julia says:

    At how many weeks did they remove yours Miranda?

  6. Miranda says:

    At 6 days PO tummy tuck.

  7. Julia says:

    6 days after tummy tuck… shit, mine should go then. I will be 4 weeks next Monday Oh and also, how long did everyone pack their navel. Mine is very shallow and I fear it will close up until after the stitches are out? Did your navel change or close much over time?

  8. Karen says:

    Mine were removed 10days post op of tummy tuck.
    No pain

  9. Karen says:

    Julia I didn’t pack my navel

  10. Miranda says:

    I never packed mine. I hated mine at first. It was sooooo shallow and looked like a crescent. But it has really changed.

    Tummy tuck belly button

    This was when the stitches were first out.

    Tummy tuck belly button

    After 6 weeks of tummy tuck

    Tummy tuck belly button

    After 10 weeks of tummy tuck

  11. Miranda says:

    This was at 6 weeks after tummy tuck

  12. Miranda says:

    This was 10 weeks

  13. Julia says:

    I was told to put bactoban in it then pack it with Gelonet Mesh then a cover over it. Oh god, I’m so over this. YOu look great Miranda. I have taken so many photos along the way, but don’t dare post them. I’m tired and I’m so fed up, I just want to feel normal again. I hate taking my clothes off to wash as I feel so wounded. My boobs are so bloody swollen and sore and everything hurts. Is it weird to go down like a blubbering mess at a month out! I should be happy and I feel awful

  14. Miranda says:

    Completely normal Julia my plastic surgeon warned me of a bit of depression a few weeks after surgery as it’s all quite exhausting, and also from the anaesthetic and pain meds. He said it all messes with you. You’ll get there hunny. we’re all here for you. Xxx

  15. Karen says:

    Totally normal Julia.
    You know I’m 12 weeks and only now I feel normal.
    My belly button looks ok but inside it looks so dark. Not overly happy with it but I also don’t really care.
    You will be ok love it’s all time x

    Tummy tuck belly button

    Tummy tuck belly button

    Tummy tuck belly button

  16. Karen says:

    I still have the sore from the bandage it’s so annoying and i don’t know how to make it look lighter

  17. Julia says:

    Thank you. I’m hoping after my appointment tomorrow I might feel a little better. Most of the dissolvable stitches on my breasts have split and pushed to the surface of my skin and are poking out. My body is rejecting them. They are sharp and hurt. My doc only consults up here every fortnight, so it feels like a long time to wait for reassurance. He is great and I can ring him, but I don’t like to. Thanks for the photos girls. Every belly button is different hey. Karen I can see you had adhesive marks too. Mine feel raw at the moment. I have scars all under my breasts and in my armpits from where they took the tape off.

  18. Miranda says:

    Karen I had that sore from the bandage too. The only thing that got rid of it was Lucas PawPaw ointment. Give it a try. You look wonderful BTW

  19. Karen says:

    Thanks Miranda Christoffersen. I have some of that. Will give it a go

  20. Tracy says:

    Yep sure do, generally around the first or second week post tummy tuck

  21. Tracy says:

    Try coconut oil on the sore from the bandage, it healed my horrendous reaction to the adhesive on my leg!

  22. Karen says:

    Tracy that’s what I’ve been using and that’s what first healed it. But it’s still marked

  23. Tracy says:

    Ahh ok, yeah I still have the brown mark but it’s slowly starting to fade, I’m hoping it will go away, if not I guess I’m stuck with a weird shaped birth mark looking thing at the top of my thigh! Let me know if the paw paw helps