Scab from tummy tuck incision

Oh my god some of my scab came off my tummy tuck incision and its a bit open….with like whitey yellowey stuff in it!! Theres no pain…..have i got an infection?? Im 4 weeks post op… please help!! Xx


  1. Esmeralda says:

    Hope not!!

  2. Sarah says:

    Just make sure you keep the area clean. Should be okay as long as it’s not oozing yellow liquid. Is there redness swelling and heat?

  3. Thiana says:

    Go to the doc ASAP !! Mine also started like that a tiny bit of white/yellow kinda thick not like running water. I waited to long by keeping it clean no pain, just kept oozing back on hospital 3 small holes became 1 big one it’s back. To surgery for wound care on saterday for me , plz go today if you can , my infection picked I
    Up a bug ! I am 3 weeks after tummy tuck ! It sucks rest of tummy looks so nice just the darn left side , do you have some redness ?

  4. Claire says:

    Ok brilliant thanks guys, there is no swelling but a tiny bit of redness around the area. Im going today to see ps! Thank you xx