Tummy tuck and c section photos gallery

Hi all thanks for add, I live in the uk, I’m having tummy tuck and breast augmentation I’ve got horrible belly off 2 c-sections getting op 23rd sept
Any tips on recovery most welcome thanks


  1. Mary says:

    Im in ireland n not getting mine till january

  2. Emma says:

    I’m so excited I’m at pre op now waiting to see nurse x

  3. Nikole says:

    I’m in the uk too! Getting mine done in April x

  4. Emma says:

    Where abouts I live in Durham north east x

  5. Nikole says:

    I’m in the UK, Liverpool. I had mine done 3 weeks ago.

  6. Emma says:

    Recovery tips, make sure you have a selection of compression garments. Ask the surgeon for their advice, as each one has a different opinion from high support to light belt bandages. Make sure you have comfy light clothing, maybe a size or two bigger than usual as the swelling is more substantial than you can imagine. Take at least 4 weeks off work, I had an extended tummy tuck at Whiston Hospital, due to a stomach tare, so I’ve been signed off for 6 weeks. I reckon I’d be ok doing light admin duties now though, as long as I was sitting down. Make sure you have plenty of pillows on your bed, so you can prop yourself up and put some under your knees for the first few weeks. Also, Dry Shampoo as some surgeons don’t allow you to shower until your dressings are removed, so greasy hair isn’t too sexy

  7. Petra says:

    I am having mine done next Wednesday!

  8. Re says:

    I’m UK too and booked for BU, tummy tuck with MR & Lipo on 20th sept! So excited/scared! Going to spire at little Aston (Birmingham)
    Pre op on Wednesday so will have to gather a list of questions with compression garments and any scar treatment, such as the silicone strips etc…

  9. Re says:

    Emma, did you get any good info from the pre op? How long is it? X

  10. Emma says:

    Hiya my pre op was just general health questions, took before pics, that’s it didn’t even take blood which I’m pleased about lol x

  11. Emma says:

    RE, my pre op was very thorough, however I had mine done at the plastics unit at Whiston Hospital, through the NHS. Although it’s had a great cosmetic impact, my surgery was as a result of a full stomach wall split, they took my skin as a bonus because I had lost over 8 stone and they thought it would cause more complications to leave it. My case is a bit different, as I have a few additional health problems where they had to be very strict about my treatment as I have a brain injury and epilepsy and I’ve only just recovered from brain surgery in 2012

  12. Gail says:

    following this too, hoping to have my TT in UK next July x

  13. Gail says:

    I’ve just tried boobs again I’m going for 400cc so will be about a dd my waist looked tiny and that’s before tummy tuck, can’t wait now x