Tummy tuck loans

Okay , I have a question for anyone who took a loan out for tummy tuck . I really want to have a tummy tuck done seeing I’m always uncomfortable with the way my stomach looks . I hate anyone looking at me and I feel I don’t look right on anything and I hate shopping for clothes for myself . The thing I’m concerned about is I don’t have the best credit but I heard of loans that people have gotten that didn’t have the best credit . What loan place did everyone go with


  1. Julie says:

    I tried care credit and they only gave me 1000 even though my score at that time was around 700? Soooo I ended up taking a retirement loan out paid over 5 years at 6%

  2. Latai says:

    My co-worker paid off her car and got a personal loan through a local loan company. She just uses the money she use to pay her car note with to pay the loan back. I thought that was cool. I mean it works for her. She and I are going 1 day apart.

  3. Nixon says:

    Care credit

  4. Karen says:

    We cashed in some of our retirement fund to avoid a monthly bill, if that’s an option.

  5. Lng says:

    Nope u won’t get it. Cosmetic surgery is a luxury not a necessity therefore u have to have good to excellent credit to get funding. U will have to save up to pay for it yourself like most of us did….

  6. Lng says:

    Loans for this large amount if money being given is why they have to trust you’ll give it back and hell if u have ANYTHING on your credit it’s a high risk