Tummy tuck on holidays

Hi ladies,
My doc has said that (providing there are no complications) I will be in hospital for 3 nights after my tummy tuck – on the 4th day he removes my drains and I go home.
I am expecting to be spending most of the next week in bed (or on lounge) resting, but my question is, would you physically be able to go and make an appearance at your sisters birthday party 7 days PO? Be driven there (10 minute drive) walk in, sit at a table while they sing happy birthday, say a few hellos then walk out and get driven home again?
My sister is a bit upset that my op is scheduled at a time where I won’t be able to make her 30th birthday party. Obviously I will have to play it by ear as to how I feel but I’m wondering if it would be impossible and whether i should try to change my surgery date.
I just think the extra week will take me into recovering into Xmas (operation is late October) and I am meant to be hosting xmas and just want to be closer to “healed” by the time Xmas holidays roll around.
Sorry for the long post – appreciate your thoughts!


  1. Loren says:

    I think doable
    But everyone is different
    I went shopping on my 6th day after tummy tuck
    But I was sore n exhausted after

  2. Kirsty says:

    i think that you will be fine just take it easy, make sure that you have somewhere comfy to sit

  3. Tracey says:

    will i be all bent over, do you think?

  4. Loren says:

    Yep def
    Just a little hunched

  5. Donna says:

    I have a wedding to go to 10 days after my tummy tuck. Bride asked me to cancel my op. No invite as yet I didn’t know the date until I said when I was having tt done.

  6. Shalako says:

    I went to a hight tea 5 days after my tummy tuck and I was fine, a bit swollen but fine. Everyone is different but take it easy and I think you’ll be fine

  7. Kirsty says:

    im 4 days post op after tummy tuck (op on thursday) and I’m still bent, but when sitting down and comfy I’m sitting better then bent lol

  8. Tracey says:

    oh wow Kristy – are you out of hospital? no drains? how do you feel? still on lots of drugs?

  9. Donna says:

    My dr said home the next day if I feel ok

  10. Tracey says:

    How do you ladies go walking upstairs?
    I have lots of stairs in my house and wondering if I will have to set up camp downstairs when I get home – someone said stairs are very painful

  11. Kirsty says:

    yep got out of hospital on sunday, he said that i could leave on Sat if i wanted to etc, but i was still feeling weak etc, and that extra day was good. I had one of my drains out on the saturday and got my last drain taking out this afternoon (feel so much better having the drains out). still on some drugs, but only every now and then (but i have a low pain thresh hold each day is better then the last, the first day post op was the worst, but every day after that it is much better

  12. Kirsty says:

    i have 5 steps to get into my house, and it was ok, but very slow though, but it might be a good idea to set up camp downstairs though

  13. Tracy says:

    I’d be setting up camp downstairs I hated the 3 back steps I have to get into my house Everyone is different of course! The party is doable but take it very easy and protect your tummy very well, you don’t want someone bumping into you etc!

  14. Jodie says:

    I went and visited my new niece 2wks after when she was born, long walk into the hospital and 20min drive but I did it, tried after ,u should be ok, but decide on the day

  15. Jodie says:

    Yes and a comfy chair will help alot

  16. Tracey says:

    thanks ladies! i feel so much better!

  17. Tracey says:

    didn’t want to change my date

  18. Tracey says:

    or upset my sis

  19. Jodie says:

    Let her know u are gonna try and be there but u will see how you pull up on the day, even just making a small show is better then none

  20. Steph says:

    I had surgery on the Tuesday & was trying to be at Mother’s Day dinner at a Chinese restaurant on the Saturday night I failed miserably, was in far too much pain with my MR & sore back however that was only 4-5days po after tummy tuck lol

  21. Miranda says:

    I wouldn’t promise anything. The unexpected can happen. I wasn’t planning on losing a lot of blood, but I did, and I ended up needing 4 blood transfusions and had to stay in hospital for 9 days.

  22. Tracey says:

    Far out Miranda- scary!
    Where were you losing blood from? the tummy tucck wound?

  23. Miranda says:

    No I lost blood during tummy tuck surgery

  24. Tracey says:

    do they know why that happens?

  25. Miranda says:

    Nope, my surgeon said it’s pretty rare but can happen.

  26. Miranda says:

    My advice, just go easy, don’t do anything that hurts your body just to please someone. You can’t please everyone, but you DO need to listen to your body. All the best. Can’t wait to see your results.

  27. Miranda says:

    Oh and btw, I really would have a think about committing yourself to hosting Xmas. I am 11 weeks post tummy tuck and STILL in quite a bit of pain. But everyone is different. Just don’t try to rush the healing process Hun.

  28. Miranda says:

    BUT, in saying that, I had a LOT of surgery done at the one time.

  29. Tracey says:

    Yes… I’m a bit worried about that bit… Luckily I can play it by ear and we can move Xmas to my dads place if need be… Thanks so much!

  30. Tracey says:

    I’m having tummy tuck, BA/BL – did you have a lot more?

  31. Miranda says:

    I had tummy tuck with MR, breast lift and reduction, Lipo on my entire abdomen, mons lift and mons Lipo, Lipo on entire back, inner thighs, flanks, under armpit area, arms and chin.

  32. Tracey says:

    Wow – superwoman! How long were you under?

  33. Tracey says:

    I would live to get some lipo too… You happy with the result?

  34. Miranda says:

    I was under for 8 hrs. And yes VERY happy. Have you seen my before and afters?

  35. Tracey says:

    I think I commented on your amazing boobs the other day but now I know what you have actually had done I will go back and have another look

  36. Miranda says:

    In sooooo glad I had the Lipo. Makes a huge difference

  37. Karen says:

    U will be fine to go to your sisters.
    I went to my mum and dads 10post op. All was fine.
    I also went to the cinema on 7 days post op after tummy tuck
    just don’t do to much walking

  38. Loreta says:

    Yes you will be fine to go to your sisters. Exactly right Karen don’t walk to much!

  39. Sherrie says:

    Yep get were and get comfortable and stay seated.