Tummy tuck payments

It is standard protocol to have a surgical procedure paid in full before surgery however each practice and each Plastic Surgeon determines their own financial policies. You will need to make arrangements with your Plastic Surgeon regarding your booking and payment. (Jerome Edelstein, MD, Toronto Plastic Surgeon)

Every plastic surgeon has his or her own payment rules. I adhere to the ethical precepts of the Board which require payment in full to avoid the perception that less than 100% effort was expended for financial reasons. Perhaps you can use a credit card for the balance. (Robert L. Kraft, MD, New York Plastic Surgeon)

Each office has its’ own financial policies. Therefore this is a matter best discussed with your chosen plastic surgeon.

Abdominoplasty financial policies

Every office has different financial policies, however most plastic surgeons require payment in full prior to any elective surgical procedure. You need to call your surgeon’s office and discuss this with them. (Erik Miles, MD, FACS, Charlotte Plastic Surgeon)

I recommend rescheduling your surgery until a few weeks after you will have adequate finances. It is always best practice to pay in advance 2 weeks of an elective cosmetic surgery. These practices are setup to make sure financial issues do not result in unnecessary cancellations. (Paul S. Gill, MD, Houston Plastic Surgeon)

Compression Garments After Abdominoplasty

In general, I request that my patients wear a compression garment for 2 weeks day and night and then 2 weeks at night. Thereafter, it’s for comfort and most patients do wear it for comfort for weeks. (Rod J. Rohrich, MD, Dallas Plastic Surgeon)

Removing compression garment for a party 4 weeks after abdominoplasty

Compression Garments After Abdominoplasty

Certainly, you should discuss removing the compression garment with your own plastic surgeon. However, barring a complication which requires that you continue to wear the garment at every turn, I see no reason why you couldn’t remove it and have a wonderful time at that party.

Of course, you shouldn’t be dancing on the tables and should imbibe conservatively, but four hours without the garment should not affect your result. If you feel that you still need some compression, control top pantihose, Spanx or a body shaper would be fine. (Robert L. Kraft, MD, New York Plastic Surgeon)

Taking off abdominal binder

Obviously, you should check with your surgeon first. I let my patients start “weaning off” their garments at about 3 weeks. Many of my patients then use a Spanx for a few weeks, especially if they are staring back with exercise.

Tummy tuck garments at about 3 weeks

Make sure you don’t overdue it at the party. You may be feeling well, but you are not yet completely healed. Just a few unwise moves on the dance floor could set your recovery back. Be smart! (Lisa Lynn Sowder, MD, Seattle Plastic Surgeon)

Binder and tummy tuck

You should be able to leave he binder off for the party. Just be careful with your activities as a binder tends to remind you. Also some type of girdle or garment may give you enough support at this point where you won’t really need the binder anymore. (David Nicholas Csikai, MD, Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon)

You can certainly take it off and attend the party. You may consider wearing a supportive undergarment like spandex cycling shorts, pantyhose, spanks, or a girdle they sell at department stores that fits more comfortably.

Tummy tuck paid in full before surgery

I have my patients discontinue the binder at 4 weeks. It’s not necessary to protect the abdominal muscle repair, certainly not one month after surgery, although you are not ready for exercises that work the abdominal muscles (need to wait another month for that). Also, it is not necessary for swelling, which will go down on its own regardless of whether you wear a garment.

But most patients feel more comfortable wearing some form of compression, not necessarily 24/7, but certainly when you start doing some cardio exercises, which you should be able to start at this point. Don’t fell restricted to lifting only 5 or 10 pounds at this point (which is unrealistic). You can lift heavier items like grocery bags (20 pounds) but don’t start doing crunches and I’d hold off on lifting heavier items (like furniture or heavy suitcases). (Eric Swanson, MD, Kansas City Plastic Surgeon)

Why are you asking us? what did your surgeon say? I bet it’s in your preop written instructions. (Rafael C. Cabrera, MD, Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon)