Tummy tuck procedure

Before and after tummy tuck procedure

Improvement of belly shape by tummy tuck procedure

An enlarged abdomen is not only an aesthetic problem! Saggy skin fold contributes to the emergence diaper rash under it. Overweight provokes redistribution of the load on the spine, causing pain. Occurs blood stagnation in the lower half of the body and, as a consequence – varicose veins.

But when there is a need to fix an aesthetic defect in the anterior abdominal wall.

  • If there excess fat on the abdomen and on its side walls;
  • At postnatal changes of recti (stretched muscles with increased spacing, bulging belly);
  • With an excess of skin that occur after childbirth or high weight loss.

Plastic surgeon makes tummy tuck procedure

The main task of tummy tuck procedure is the creation of normal proportions of the abdomen. There are many types of abdominal wall defects, various combination with each other, as well as varying degrees of severity, which requires the use of different operational techniques and individual approach in each case. If will be choosen the right option of tummy tuck procedure, you can achieve maximum results with minimal risk of postoperative complications. Tummy tuck has different types, which differ from each other in length of cuts and volume of operations.

With exact observance of technique of tummy tuck procedure, regardless of the length and location of incision, the scar will not be visible afterwards. Typically, it is located in the bikini area and over time it becomes a narrow strip of white color.

Tummy tuck procedure is a favorite surgery of plastic surgeon. As a rule, during this operation an obtained result satisfies the patient and physician simultaneously

Tummy tuck procedure

Holding of tummy tuck procedure

Tummy tuck lasts an average of 1.5 – 2.5 hours, both women and men can do the operation.

Before tummy tuck procedure performed marking of cuts on the skin. Abdominal plasty principle is simple: excess skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue is excised, performed new skin tension. Such operation must be produced by plastic surgeon who knows the anatomy and physiology of soft skin tissue, the mechanism of their blood supply, as well as having a sense of harmony, symmetry and aesthetics

Tummy tuck procedure

Tummy tuck procedure

Progress of tummy tuck procedure: before the operation performed marking cuts on the skin. Then sublunary incisions are made in the ilio-inguinal folds, and incised skin above the symphysis pubis and subcutaneous adipose tissue to the aponeurosis. The surgeon cuts the skin and fat flap. The navel allocate on its leg. Integrity of recti set along the midline using a continuous suture from the navel to the xiphoid process and lower to the symphysis pubis. Excess skin and fat flap is excised. Is produced plastic of navel: navel appears on the anterior abdominal wall, through a newly created incision. Layered seams overlap the wound.

Tummy tuck procedure before and after

Tummy tuck before and after

Is made two punctures in the womb. Drainages conclusions from them for active aspiration. Bandage applied to the wound.

Patients in the first two weeks during the postoperative period feel a little discomfort in the abdomen. After the procedure is recommended for 1.5 months wear a special compression garment (grace-belt), as well as limit common exercise for a month, and physical stress on the abdominal area – for 3 months.


  1. Viki says:

    I had a follow up visit with my plastic surgeon and he said that I am healing beautifully. I am really swollen, but he said that is completely normal. He said the stitches looked great, but decided I should keep them for one more week as well as my two drainage tubes. That’s okay with me, he IS the boss! From all of the aggressive lipo, I am bruised like crazy, but again, this is completely normal. Thank you again for all the prayers and positive vibes. This has been an awesome transformation for me, and I feel so blessed to have family and friends who are so supportive of my decision to have these surgeries.

  2. Robin says:

    Glad you’re feeling better on your birthday!!

  3. Doc says:

    woo hoo post pics !!!

  4. Doc says:

    Lorrie, not yet ready to post pictures because of all of the swelling…but as soon as the swelling goes down, you bet!

  5. Vicki says:

    Good morning friends. I am checking it to let you know that at 4 days post op I am doing very well. I am walking around in the house every hour, and doing everything I was told to do. The swelling is starting to subside, but I still have a long was to go.Thank you for your support and prayers. Both are helping me more than you can imagine.

  6. Vicki says:

    Today at 11am the surgery will begin. Prepping begins at 10:15. I am completely ready for the second part of my surgeries. The waiting is the hardest at this point. Tony said he will post on my page when he knows I am in recovery, and out of recovery. Thank you all for being here to support me during this transformative time in my life.

  7. Vicki says:

    I started this fb page so that I can openly discuss and share my progress with my friends about my plastic surgeries that I have had, and will be having (Tuesday July 8th is round 2). Feel free to leave if you are not interested, but stay if you would like to give me support during this life changing time in my life.

  8. Monica says:

    Here to stay sweetheart!!!!! Counting down the hours . Don’t b scared and be sure to ask your questions before hand . Ie will it hurt?

  9. Amber says:

    I need a good list of what I need on hand after surgery. Extended tummy tuck, lipo of back, sides, and a brazillian butt lift!

  10. Roni says:

    Stool softener,gas-X, cotton balls,hydrogen peroxide,90% alcohol,triple antibiotic ointment,sanitary pads (I used them around my latex drain tube they left on my back),baby wipes. I moved around allot so I didn’t need things at hand just the necessary to clean my incision and wipes because they come in handy

  11. Cheril says:

    Everything Roni listed and lots of gauze pads, I used Q tips to clean around my drains. Seamless panties for after drains come out and you get to take that compression garment off

  12. CJ says:

    I spent a lot of Time and dad and I had a large nightstand next to my bed with everything that I needed on it so I didn’t have to give a walk too far