Tummy tuck review Seattle

I have a full tummy tuck with vaserlipo sculpture onJuly 30th Cost me $12,245.  My surgery is July 30th and I’m having it done right here in Seattle at Seattle Liposuction Specialist – Dr. Lisa Precht.

Incase anyone wants to check out her pictures. I also said that I wanted to be in her website so that will be fun to see happen. I am also excited to take a picture of the skin they take away and ho much fat is actually taken from me!!!!



  1. Lng says:

    It’s not about cost to me it’s about getting the job done right with someone who won’t treat me like a chop shop. She gives personal care right here in my home city.

  2. Lng says:

    My surgeon works at two places. athenix and her own surgical center seattle premiere.

  3. Naomi says:

    USA doctors do not give you nice shape nether .

  4. Lng says:

    It’s not the FACT that she is on TV, it’s the fact that she is well known for her good work. She was on the doctors television show .

  5. Lng says:

    I’m excited. I am getting the tummy tuck with vaserlipo selection and micro body contouring… Lol I told the Dr I was a “stripper” so she knows how important the shape of my body will be for my work.

  6. Naomi says:

    Great in looking forward to see your results

  7. Cara says:

    You are beautiful now… Can wait to see curvy shape after!! I hope six days is here before you know it!! Good luck with recovery

  8. Shalako says:

    Your gorgeous as it is! Can’t wait to see the results of your tummy tuck! I’m so excited for mine

  9. Lng says:

    I’ve got till Wednesday morning to wait !!!

  10. Lng says:

    I’m afraid now I’m starting to actually get afraid . It’s officially Tuesday the 29 th and so technically my tummy tuck is tomorrow Wednesday July 30th !!!!!!!

  11. China says:

    Your not getting lipo.of the.back?? I think that would help with a smaller waist sexier back! Imo you dont look.like you need lipo.of the hips inthe picture you posted…

  12. Lng says:

    I am tho….

  13. Lng says:

    They are. I told her all the areas I wanted done . I forgot which one but I believe the hips are the love handles and the flanks is he back fat . I’m not getting my actual hips lipo’d i know it looks confusing

  14. Lng says:

    My back fat my love handles and my stomach are the three areas basically

  15. Lng says:

    Going to circle my areas tomorrow!!!!

  16. Lng says:

    Here’s a link to my real self profile ….

  17. Lng says:

    My friend is coming with me to take pictures when they draw my fat circles

  18. Lng says:

    Today is the day I will post pictures of me with the markings on me too

  19. Lng says:

    So I’m just going to ramble for a bit:

    It’s very apparent by looking at others my procedure was done a bit differently. I have gotten a tummy tuck with Vaser lipo of back fat starting below my bra line down to top of my but and Lipo if love handles

    #1) I do not have drains. I have a pain pump which I begged them to give me. So I really wouldn’t have anything coming out of me. 2) I have my full compression garment on and am NOT allowed to take it off. Not until I see them and they will be doing all that. I have a plastic binder on over that and then I have a foam binder type thingie over that! I am wrapped up super tight. But personally I enjoy it.

    3) I’m not in a medically induced coma like many people are saying they are… I am here in reality. Becides my lidocaine pain pump I had 40 five mg oxys. I felt on fire until sometime at night. I’m cool now just some major ITCHING!! The hunching is real lol but I didn’t get any MR (no kids ) but she pulled them right also I don’t want to feel like I’m pulling at my stitches yet.

    4) I had a vaser Lipo suction rather than the traditional Lipo. I can’t wait to see pictures Friday of the fat they got ! I took a small peek at the top of my stomach just between my breasts and it looks so flat!!!!! I am swelling everywhere else my inner
    thighs my shoulder blade area just above where my bra line would be ….

    Also I feel like I’m moving around too much but I am itching like crazy and I have to pee a lot ….

  20. Lng says:

    I arrived at 1030 took before pix and went over my meds and next thing I know it was 3pm and was going home

  21. Nixon says:

    Suffer for beauty Girl!!!! YOU LOOK GREAT!!!! Just think that every single hour that goes by is one hour closer you are to a new you!!! What’s the difference between see lipo and regular lipo? Like I’ve mentioned in another post my fear w lipo on the back fat/roll is I’m scared I’ll get cellulite or sagging there afterwards…did dr mention that may be a real risk?

  22. Nixon says:

    And. Tw LNG …for what it’s worth I suspect you’ll get an amazing result as your before photos look like u have an hourglass figure already w just that annoying belly apron we all hate and a lil back roll but definitely something that should be elimated now!!!!! I can’t wait to see your after photos when it’s time ….I’m rooting for you!!!

  23. Lng says:

    Here’s my surgeon explaining it. She works at two facilities athenix and her own facility premiere surgery seattle . I went to her center

  24. Lng says:

    had surgery on Wednesday 11am to3pm it’s now Friday and my first post op is at 11am. They are going to take the binders off and I’ll beable to take a shower today finally!!!!!!

  25. Nixon says:

    OMG!!!! R u kidding me??? You.r rocking a a serious hourglass!!! U look totally flat in the waist. I’m dying to know how many lbs of skin and how many inches u lost…u must be so happy!!!! If u can post a photo of Ur back I’d love to see how it came out. I’m so happy for you!!!

  26. Nixon says:

    I really can’t get over the curves at your waist…all I see when I look at your shape is k, kardashian…now I know for sure now she got that shape…..but how come some tt come out boxy and some get that amazing hourglass? Anyone know? I totally want the hourglass look but idk if it’s a function of the right dr doing it or working w the anatomy u have going into it

  27. Jessica says:

    Looking good! Whoever said US surgeons aren’t good at contouring is wrong, wrong, wrong!

  28. Lng says:

    Naomi Rodriguez nice shape for a US doctor

  29. Jessica says:

    It’s all dependent upon your natural body type. Can’t make curves that were never there.

  30. Lng says:

    Is that how it works?

  31. Nixon says:

    She looks really good right Jessica? LNG do I have a frontal before so we could compare the hourglass? I did see an hourglass before. It it was a profile…u have an amazing natural line….very feminine !!! Is that all the skin they removed? Did they tell u how any lbs it was?

  32. Jessica says:

    She looks amazing!

  33. Lng says:

    I have another post op Monday I’ll get all that info then I was still too tired to talk much. I just went for refill in meds and more supplies also removed the pain pump.

  34. Nixon says:

    She really does!! Now we know how Kim kardashian got her hourglass!!!! I’ve seen photos of her. Score surgery and she’s straight up n sown now she’s a
    L curves

  35. Lng says:

    They still have to send me the pictures I took a picture with my phone of the picture they had up on the laptop.

  36. Nixon says:

    I TOTALLY LOVE THIS LOOK!!!! I could see the hourglass before she just smoothed it out and. Are u perfect!!! Did u get a boob job too! So far I’m getting exactly what u got but going back and forth between throwing in a boob job and arm lift last Minute. And btw. How far does Ur tt scar extend? Does it round around the back of the flanks? Dying to see now he back came out. U must be thrilled!!!!

  37. Lng says:

    No boob job. Never had kids . I’ll post side shot

  38. Lng says:

    Thanks guys I’m all medicined up so excuse my enthusiasm

  39. Lng says:

    When they email me the actual photos I’ll be sure to update them here

  40. Nixon says:

    I love it u r gonna be so TNRILLED WHEN U WEAR THAT DRESS!!! Can’t wait for a shot of u in that dress to show the ‘after’ compared to before…Ur photos r really motivating me.. If Ur dr was closer I’d totally go to her

  41. Nixon says:

    How many inches do u think u lost?

  42. Shalako says:

    Looking amazing!!

  43. Nixon says:

    I know shalako I’m so psyched for her…total hourglass!!!! I’m my results came out this good I’d be thrilled….LNG I can’t tell from the photo…did they get the entire act fat/roll out? I can’t stand that roll I get by the bra line…I’d be thrilled if they could get it out

  44. Nixon says:

    U know I’m looking at her before photo and I’m thinking that if u look at that thick horizontal marker line the dr made that they removed all the skin from there down!!!!! Amazing!

  45. Lng says:

    I’m swolen in the back top part of the Back but when I take off compression garments it’s smooth and inline with
    Y back no bulging

  46. Nixon says:

    That’s great news!! This will be life changing for u!!!

  47. Nixon says:

    Nixon here’s that horizontal marker line

  48. Amber says:

    girl, once your completely healed your gunna look fantastic, i might be having you escort meeeee! daaaaaaum girl! lol

  49. Amber says:

    and btw i am so sick of everyone bashing us drs. we don’t go around bashing dr drs so shut the fuck up.

  50. Naomi says:

    you look beautiful Hun!!!! You where right she’s good. Did you get any fat transfer to buttocks ?

  51. Lng says:

    Thanks guys . Pain is beauty

  52. Colleen says:

    how was your surgery? before and afters..

  53. Lng says:

    Just went to my second post op today is day 6

  54. Lng says:

    My booty is starting to come back … I need to tone it up though

  55. Lng says:

    I have to start packing my belly button now

  56. Colleen says:

    when is the part two of “athenix body sculp” are you going to post this?

  57. Lng says:

    Lol check it out on YouTube I only posted it because it’s my actual PS explaining the surgery

  58. Lng says:

    So today is the end of day 8 after tummy tuck. I coughed today with no pain. I’m pretty straight but I hunch when I swell, I layed in my sides for about a min each as I massaged myself all over. These are my main goals now. Ice and massages. Do I use a bah if ice and massage myself with the ice corners

  59. Lng says:

    I’m laying on my stomach right now . I have to pillows under my head/arms and I have another pillow supporting the top part of my torso and my neck pillow down on the bottom half it feels so good to put ice on my back and take some of the pressure off my back

  60. Nixon says:

    LNG just saw these posts and just saw the photo of your skin cut off at tags horizontal line!!!! OMG I have to say that your body looks UNBELIEVABLE!!! It’s funny because I e never seen a birls post up photos that r right after surgery w bandages still on that actually looks SEXY hahhaha. Even w the bandages u look super sexy!!!

  61. Nixon says:

    Not sure if I asked u already. It was wondering if the tt gave u any improvement t on your thighs as some girls get a benefit on their thighs as well

  62. Lng says:

    Thank yiu Nixon!! I will have to look at my body in a mirror again do determine thighs… But I can say that my ass looks better. Here’s the official pix from immediately after surgery ass was smoothed round

  63. Lng says:

    They removed 4550 grams of fat. That’s not including what leaked out of me for 3 days into these adult diapers she gave me to leak into. I leaked for maybe 3 days after

  64. Nixon says:

    Wow LNG. 4550 grams is 10lbs exactly!! Do u know how many lbs of skin they removed ? Have u measured your waist to see how many inches u went down? And yea I see your butt looks more like an apple…why is that? Is it bc she removed flanks so it gives it a. Ether shape ?

  65. Nixon says:

    It must be so weird (good weird) to. yo have that apron in the cent..I’ve has m e so long I tll be totally shocking t have it be gone …,how did I choose a dr ? It’s so daunting ….does your have a hood rep out there? I’m considering going to yours. It she’s across country does she have out if state patients?

  66. Lng says:

    I have suspicion she may have vasered my ass… It’s always itching lol. Also the vaser Lipo tightens your skin so I think that helped when she vasered the love handles they may have tightened naturally pulling the skin? No I did not ask about how much the skin weighed lol but I will say I was exactly the same weight pre and post. On real self . Com most ppl said they gained weight due to the swelling and lidocaine they add to you before suction process begins…. Btw my doctor actually had help if another PS named Dr Mangubat.

    I believe this because I told her how I wanted my body to look. I specifically told her i like my big thighs and butt and only want to tone them up but not loose their bigness I just want a small frame waist.. She had mentioned that dr M was very very aggressive during surgery. She also said it gets the procedure done faster. I came in at 1030 they took me in he back at 11 and I woke up and was gone by 3:15….

  67. Lng says:

    I was looking at plastic surgeons in my area. I found her because her pictures. I Only looked at the google results if Doctors who had nice pictures first. If I didn’t like the pictures I immediately left the site. I mainly looked at the inscion lines. So many PS have inscion lines that were thick looking or jagged looking or just too high up. Then i looked at he results .. So many surgeons also had patients patients whoes upper abdomen looked chunky like it didn’t get any Lipo done. Some people had actually poked worse after Lipo. There were many PS who didn’t even have pictures … Of those whoes pictures I did like (and trust me it was very few) I went to make consults with those who had FREE counseltations…. Of the free consultations there were PS who seemed to not really click with or I felt like a chop shop. Or felt they were trying to pressure me. Dr Lisa Precht was so kind she’s easy to talk to she makes you laugh she’s real with you and I felt like I could be honest. Weed is legal in my state and she told me that I should quit smoking for only 2-3 weeks before and after surgery so I can heal faster since smoking weed burns the plant and the carbon Monoxide from burning smoke is bad. She told me to eat edibles or use a vaporizer for a while. I never felt pressured to go to her and after I left her and i liked her I researched her she has abaoluty ZERO complaints… Most pS u will find at least something on her. I googled Dr Lisa precht complaints and stellar reviews popped up instead lol

    That was when I knew I found mY girl…..

  68. Lng says:

    End of day 9. Already sleeping on my side

  69. Lng says:

    Massaging my sides at least 15 mins every morning and night. But personally it ends up benign an hour. It’s one if those really sore pains but at the same time one of those itches that FEELS SO GOOD. So it’s like I want to cry at the same time my eyes are rolling in the back of my head.

  70. Lng says:

    My tummy tuck incision line is so tiny and thin !!! I’m excited because slept on both my sides and I lay on my tummy briefly

  71. Nixon says:

    LNG she really does good work and the lone doesn’t even wrap around the back at all….when u researched complaints on the drs where did u look? U think u could do me a favor and look at before n after photos on I site of a local dr I’m considering so u can tell me if u like his work? U got the results I want so I trust your judgement …if so let me know and I’ll message u his website thx

  72. Colleen says:

    what do i look up on you tube? how do i get to your site?

  73. Lng says:

    Have u read through the thread? The links are in the comments . Go to the first YouTube cod and type in the name and u will get the results to search through

  74. Cara says:

    Looking great Lng Hurr Dnt Curr. Congrats!

    And yes Naomi Rodriguez, Amber Dawn totally called you out on that one about everyone bashing US doctors. Can’t blame her though because bashing our doctors in the USA does get tiring…. there’s plenty of good and bad doctors in all countries, just gotta find the one that suit ya best and can provide great results.

  75. Lng says:

    Yes… Many many times when people do Lipo they looks for the cheapest surgeon and thus their results don’t come out as good. I couldent do that to myself … I looked for a PS who hasent had any online complaints and I looked hard for some. However I payed close to top dollar …. But you pay for what you get

  76. Lng says:

    I considered going out of country for a cheaper job but I wanted I beable to see my PS whenever I had issues immediately . So I stuck with a local PS also many PS won’t touch another PS work

  77. Lng says:

    Scar is healing nice and thin and low too!!

  78. Lng says:

    My doc sad I could stop wearing my binder today but I like to weAr it when I’m sitting for long periods or sleeping…….

  79. Lng says:

    I’m recuperating in a different state than I live and the service out here sucks bad and all I have is my phone so I don’t want to spend extra time doing stuff on my phone when someone else can do it . Sorry if I sounded like a bitch

  80. Lng says:

    I’m excited to take a picture tonight. I had a lymphatic drainage massage and I was able to lay in my stomach and she got me so good….. after my massage I was able to walk and stand y’all I even had a skip in my step lol.

    Also I’m happy to say that my compression garment is officially loose on my sides !!!!

  81. Lng says:

    Only two complaints would be my belly button looks weird HOWEVER I scar like shit anyways so it’s not her fault. I plan on using lots of fake tattoos here lol and obviously the left side I think was too much skin places together but overall I am happy . All the scars can be covered by temporary tattoos, henna designs or body tummy tuck bedazzle lol so 9/10 for me right now. I am only 18 days post op so let’s see how 4 weeks looks …..

  82. Lng says:

    are the two spots on your butt lipo marks?

  83. Lng says:

    Yes I also leaked from those holes for three days after surgery . As I mentioned before I never had drains so u had to leak into adult diapers for three days

  84. Colleen says:

    ugggg..did you think that was a better way to go? “for scar purposes?”

  85. Lng says:

    I mean I rather have the two Holes than a scar line tgT goes around my whole body

  86. Colleen says:

    yes i agree w/ you..
    did you like your results?

  87. Lng says:

    Excuse the baby powder it helps me put on my garment after the shower even tho I towel dry

  88. Lenore says:

    I was wondering how you were doing. I really like the pics, your PS did a great job, your incision is similar to mine. low, I like it. How are you feeling?

  89. Lng says:

    My skin is still tight when I sit somewhere too long my incision itches Now more than anything I think I need a new compression garment my next tummy tuck post op is in 18 days

  90. Lng says:

    ….Left side I’ll try to remove these strips in a few days they just wernt ready even with being soaked by me taking a shower ….

  91. Lng says:

    Furthest left and the sues I felt too much skin was places together to heal I’ll probably have a slight skin raise knob edge looking area but still it will look better than most pictures I’ve seen so I can’t complain and it’s just this one dude not the entire inscion

  92. Lng says:

    BTW that seroma thing I thought I had it’s gone now. It’s flattened and hardened it’s self . My stomach area seems to be going through it’s swell hell of it’s own and I suspect it’s about to settle as well …

  93. Lng says:

    I’m 24DPO (dpo = days post op) and about since day 21 I’ve been having more stinging and sharp Pangs in my * love handle* area, my stomach is sore VS the tender to the touch it was around 14DPO. I can definitely see a difference between the days and i should make college showcasing my gradual changes like others have

  94. Lng says:

    I’m just getting to the depressed part of my journey… I want to feel. normal again I’ll be home in 12 days and idk if I’m ready for the real stress of family and not having any money ugh…