Tummy tuck revision of patient

Question ladies…I am 9 weeks PO and I’m scheduled next week for a revision to my right hip ( dog ear), when are we able to start really working out our abs? I really need to do that and my rear hip area…but I may get additional lipo there later…any idea how much lipo just to hips is? I had lipo with my full tummy tuck but I had A lot of skin removed and he took what he could with that surgery…


  1. Meghan says:

    I was told to ease into normal activity after 6 weeks, including exercise. I am active duty military, which my doctor knows and he understands the workouts I have to do. I am still on a self paced waiver, which is good. I did abdominal bracing with shoulder lifts on Thursday and inclined pushups. Both felt good.

  2. Lng says:

    After 2 months seroma can still form after 6 weeks because everyone heals differently

  3. Julie says:

    Thank you ladies