Tummy tuck scar creams and probiotics?

What are some natural ointments or scar creams some of you use and anyone use probiotics after tummy tuck surgery?


  1. Torrie says:

    I used Newgel+ silicone strips on my fdl scar at 24 months post op tummy tuck and it virtually made it disappear. Picture is fairly new post op tummy tuck, middle is a couple weeks after scar strips began (I think) and the last picture was in April so that’s about 19 months post op tummy tuck.
    Tummy tuck

  2. Torrie says:

    In fact you can see the strip in the middle picture below my belly button

  3. Cherry says:

    My cousin said you can put Vicks ointment on your scars and wrap plastic wrap over the area and it will shrink them in a few days