What a tummy tuck scar position is the best?

Incision Choices in Tummy Tucks

As fashions change, so do the location of the scars for tummy tucks. When I was first in training, the high-thigh, French-cut swimsuits were the fashion and so the tummy tuck incisions were low over the pubic area and then curved sharply upward to hide the incisions under the suit.

Today’s fashions have a lower cut and so the incisions have changed to a low incision over the pubic area with a very slight, subtle curve upwards towards the hips. Of course the patient’s body shape and skin characteristics dictate a great deal about the final incision choices but to answer your primary question, the incision style has changed as a reflection of the changes in fashion style.

Bikini line tummy tuck scar position usually the best

tummy tuck scar position types

The full (standard) tummy tuck will have a scar around the belly button and at the bikini line. Generally this is best low and gently curving up at the sides. For several years now, low-rise clothing styles have been in fashion, but 20-25 years ago there was the “french cut” swimsuit that would have left a low horizontal scar exposed. So accounting for individual anatomy and changes in clothing fashions, there is no single best placement other than not too high. (Richard Baxter, MD, Seattle Plastic Surgeon)

Tummy tuck incisions vary

There is actually no standard tummy tuck scar position as they can vary by body shape and skin laxity. Generally, the lowest and the shortest scar will be the best one and all should discuss the scar carfully with their surgeon before a tummy tuck. (Peter E. Johnson, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

Tumy tuck scar position and length depends on individual anatomy

A scar after standart abdominoplasty

I prefer very low tummy tuck scars because I believe this offers a bit of thigh tightening laterally, and the scar is easy to conceal. The length of the scar is entirely dictated by the amount of skin laxity a patient has. I’ve never regretted creating a longer scar if it allows me to remove more skin laxity. (Scott C. Sattler, MD, FACS, Seattle Plastic Surgeon)

Placement of tummy tuck scars

The chart shows some of the options for the scar, it can be varied to meet the expectations and needs of the patient.

The scar after full abdominoplasty

Factors that are taken into account for the tummy tuck scar position include:

  • Fashion choices of the patient. The type of underwear and bathing suits favored by the woman undergoing the tummy tuck is useful in planning the scar. Based on the style of the clothes, the scar can be planned to fall within areas that are covered by these types of clothing typically worn. In my practice, I often have women bring a typical undergarment on the day of surgery so that I can plan for scars that fall within this area.
  • Preference of the surgeon. Different surgeons have different locations for the scars that they tend to use. This can be seen in examples of their post op photos.
  • Anatomy of the patient. This would include the location of the hip bones and waist, as well as the amount and location of excess skin.
  • Presence of scars or tattoos. Incisions can be altered to remove or alter pre existing scars or tattoos. As you can imagine, the length of the scar is best determined by the amount of excess skin. The best way to determine the best option for your belly would be to discuss this with your plastic surgeon. Best of luck with your tummy tuck.