Tummy Tuck Tattoos Pictures

To avoid mistakes with selection from tummy tuck tattoos pictures, you can ask for help from master. He will advise the best option for you, speaks about the process of drawing the image, used tools and possible consequences. To make sure that the tattoo really will mask the scar, and not make it more noticeable, it is worth to draw tummy tuck tattoos picture on tracing paper and attach it to the area of the scar.

If you have pre-defined with the desired tummy tuck tattoos pictures, be sure to print them and take sketches in a tattoo parlor. This is necessary so that the specialist can make certain adjustments before the procedure, as in the case of an unsuccessful outcome, tattoos can not be removed because of this the scar will become even greater.

If you have a long scar on the abdomen, such as tummy tuck scar, sakura branch would be the perfect image, which not only disguise but also decorate scar. In any case, a good professional will be able to pick up for you an individual picture, which will be the subject of pride and make you forget about the scar.


  1. Debra says:

    17 days po. Drains came out today. I have 100.3 fever. Dr gave me antibiotics today for pinkness/infection near right drain site/groin. I can’t wait to feel better and stand straight. Has this happened to anyone?

  2. Roni says:

    Hope you feel better

  3. Bobbi says:

    My ps had to give me antibiotics also when he removed my drains @14 days po tummy tuck, because of redness no fever, just as a precaution

  4. Roni says:

    Mine have a 500mg once a day for 30 days antibiotic for prevention. Since I had mine out of the country

  5. Jovanna says:

    Yes my left drain came out a week after my surgery, the one on the left had to stay un for a couple more weeks..I had to go in because I had a reaction to the tape amd it became infected so i was put back on antibiotics for another two weeks..everything great now, ive been using the garment for going in three weeks now

  6. Roni says:

    Glad you’re better