What is tummy tuck with umbilical float?

The umbilical float/mini tummy tuck only works for selected patients with min imal skin laxity above the belly button. In your case, your skin above your belly button is quite loose and would really only be resolved with a greater deal of skin removal than can be achieved with a umbilical float.

In my opinion, you really need a full tummy tuck. In your situation, the scar would need to be slightly higher than usual as your belly button is higher than usual and the skin excess you have is milder. (Shim Ching, MD, Honolulu Plastic Surgeon)

The tummy tuck as most often performed thightens skin and reduces stretch marks by excising skin between the umbilicus and the pubic hairline nd advancing the skin above the umbilicus to the pubis.

TT with umbilical float

From your photo you do not appear to have enough loose skin to get down to the level of the pubic hairline.; the reason one of your prior assessments mentioned a high scar line. The fullness of the abdomin could be addressed with the plication of the muscle wall. You are a patient who should approach surgery very carefully. What you want and what can be accomplished mandates discussion and exam between you and your Plastic Surgeon. (James R. Benjamin, MD, Bowie Plastic Surgeon)

A Tummy Tuck with an Umbilical Float

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty has many versions and from the photos that you have supplied you could be a candidate for many of them. A mini tummy tuck or short scar tummy tuck, in which the belly button is freed and then floated down would avoid a scar around your belly button and often results in a more natural looking abdomen.

Floating Tummy Tuck

It does not give a super tight upper abdomen like a full tummy tuck would provide however. In the end the actual procedure has to match your goals and what you would like to get out of the surgery. This can only be determined by seeing a surgeon, perhaps two or three, and making choices after getting a complete education about what alternatives there are for you. (Brian Windle, MD, Kirkland Plastic Surgeon)

You would be a great candidate for a full tummy tuck. “Floating” the belly button means that the button is detached and brought lower on the abdomen. It can look un-natural.After having 3 kids, you should have enough anterior skin/tissue laxity for a full-abdominoplasty. A full-tummy tuck will really help to remove the abdominal laxity. (Bryson G. Richards, MD, Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon)

Floating Tummy Tuck

From the picture that you have provided, you are an excellent candidate for a float. You have a high position of your umbilicus, you have very little skin of upper abdomen, and you have upper and lower abdominal wall laxity. These are important parameters that are needed for a float. This method has gained a lot of popularity in my practice. Good luck. (Sepehr Egrari, MD, Seattle Plastic Surgeon)