When will I start feeling better after tummy tuck? Abdominoplasty tips

Ok. I had a full tummy tuck, MR, lipo on the flanks, BL and BA. So I know I’m less than one day post op, but…
When will I start feeling better?
How long until you guys peeked at your results?
How long until the bruising from the lipo goes away?
How long will it feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest?
Any helpful recovery tips you ladies have learned along the way?
Thank you for all the prayers and encouragement!! You girls ROCK!!!!


  1. Cheryl says:

    Slow movements are better. Walk around a little more each day it will help. You’ll feel like your in a vise until you can take the compression garment off. I snuck small peeks during bandage change but didn’t look until first morning I could shower after drains out.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Oh wow. Ok thanks! I have to keep the CG on until my post tummy tuck op appt on the 11th! I guess no peeks or pics until then

  3. Cheryl says:

    You can peek I just didn’t want my first view of my flat tummy to have tummy tuck drains coming out.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Oh me either. Im already worried I won’t like it. Seeing it like that will just make it worse I think

  5. Cheryl says:

    I am 10:weeks out tummy tuck. I’ve been released to go back to normal activities. Wish I had done TT sooner. I am happy with results. PS moved my belly button over 6 inches. I can see my toes.

  6. Stephanie says:

    I’ll be so happy to see my toes!

  7. Debra says:

    I have all the same questions. I’m 4 days po. Can’t stand straight

  8. Roni says:

    I saw my results the next morning, was able to stand a bit straighter and walk a longer distance on the second week, was able to shower from day one, didn’t have BA though, bruising for me can take up to weeks to fade but were almost gone by the second thanks to ultrasound therapy. Every Doc practices differently.

  9. Stephanie says:

    Was ultrasound therapy included or optional? Did you pay extra for it?

  10. Roni says:

    I had everything done in Mexico, he said it would speed my healing.I’m so glad I did it. It’s extra you might want to ask. Their practices in the U.S and Mex. Are so different but I’m well and happy

  11. Stephanie says:

    I’ll ask him at my post tummy tuck operation visit next week. I can’t even take my CG off until then anyway

  12. Kenny says:

    In one week you will feel like a new person

  13. Stephanie says:

    I sure hope so! I feel like a dead person now

  14. Roni says:

    It only gets better, though i don’t know if any of you ladies experience this. When laying down or sitting down, you move or get up and it feels tight and burning sensation? No redness, draining or warm areas anywhere just aching, Burning Aching Pain. Once i get up and get on the go, I’m ok

  15. Stephanie says:

    I feel the tight and burning sensation a lot.

  16. Vicki says:

    I had Fleur de lis tummy tuck, arm lift, breast lift, MR, and some lipo under my arm pits. I am 18 days post op. Every day you should notice you are standing up straighter. Don’t over due it, but do get up once an hour and walk around for say 5-10 min. Bruising depends on how well you recover from bruises. Mine are better, but still there on the side of my breasts and under my arm. I didn’t have an augmentation, so my breast lift has never given me any problems ever. I did discover something for sitting and getting up. I bought a Good stadium chair. Ordered it online. OMG, it has a nice firm back and comfy seat with side arms. I can get up and down so easily. Also, I bought on ebay a raised toilet seat. That was a lift saver.

  17. Roni says:

    For me it’s just just when I’m still. I prefer to move around,I’m now able to do lots more and a bit more each day. I’m happy to be able to go to the gym. I think I’m somewhat hyperactive, can’t sit still long enough.

  18. Debra says:

    When I get up my back is so sore from being bent over. 6 days after tummy tuck.

  19. Cheryl says:

    Debra use a cane or walker to relieve pressure from back. I had knee surgery few years ago and still had my walker. It helped a lot. I’m 10 weeks out full tummy tuck and feel so much better. Wish I had done it sooner

  20. Nancy says:

    I had full to w/mucle repair I’m 9 weeks posted and ripped tummy and lower tummy is swollen still he said he will redo lower and go under pelvic bone but can’t guarantee it will go flat he isn’t sure why it didn’t lay flat the first time he wants me to go to my ob. First I have a fibroid size of silver dollar which makes my uterus size of 3 MO preg. my Dr has told me in the past that the fibroid isn’t causing my tummy to be larger so to Dr s aid ask for a cat scan and we will no if my uterus is causing my tummy to not lay flat and the open wound is where the old belly button use to be and the blood supply got cut off its looking better but taking for ever to grow new skin has anyone had trouble with tummy not going flat because of fibroid s I will find out wed. But think my o.b is going to tell the same as previous year it’s not my problem to Dr says he will redo but not sure if I want to if there’s no guarantee

  21. Roni says:

    Well that’s a hard one, my uterus is enlarged on my left side,or that’s what was told by my OB once. I’m still swollen i don’t know now (too soon) if it’ll affect in any way. That side was more swollen for some reason and it’s going down but it’s taking its sweet time. I think you can better decide once you have you CTS for all you know it might be a seroma under the muscle. Best luck to you.

  22. Nancy says:

    What is aeronautical they couldn’t drain any fluid out

  23. Debra says:

    I am 6 days post tuumy tuck and feel very swollen like I am going to explode! trying to cut back on pain pills. it feels like the abs near my belly button are like one big ball. I am hoping for relief for tomorrow. anyone have comments/suggestions?

  24. Vicki says:

    I have swelling, but not like that. You might want to call your doc or his/her nurse for advise.

  25. Roni says:

    Are your drains out?

  26. Debra says:

    no still draining but it is getting less and less

  27. Roni says:

    You’re too recent, swelling is part of the healing process unless you feel somethings not right call your plastic surgeon.
    Wearing a binder helps quite allot.

  28. Vicki says:

    I still have mine in and ready to get that darn thing out, although fearing the pain. I have kept Polysporin on it all the time, but still….afraid

  29. Roni says:

    Woohoo for drains,i had one on my back and one on my hip for the front. Good luck when they remove them

  30. Tracy says:

    I am three months out tummy tuck this week. I still get swollen. Nights are worse than mornings. When I workout it swells more. Wear your binder tight as you can stand it, it helps.

  31. Karen says:

    Honey that’s what I’m like so tight where the swelling is. So uncomfortable but I went to Drs and found out I had fluid so having to get it drained again today. Now I have a pink patch come up is I’m guessing it’s infected.
    I will get yourself checked out

  32. Karen says:

    Ouch Karen how are you doing right now?

  33. Kenny says:

    Had one drain out today….didn’t even know they took it out ice, compression garment abd pineapple juice will help for ur swelling

  34. Karen says:

    Hi Roni. I wish I could say excellent but not.
    Belly so swollen. Sitting in waiting room now waiting to see someone.
    So annoying cause the scar looks excellent and i just want to look as good as I did on day 6. Lol!

  35. Amanda says:

    Drains are no big deal to have removed…it just feels like a weird snake moving in your tummy for all of 3 seconds. They’re so fast pulling them out and they don’t hurt at all, just feels funny. Be careful with ice, personally I don’t suggest it. Your still super numb and you won’t know if you’re causing freezing damage. The swelling and pain is super uncomfortable but if you can get through the first two weeks after tummy tuck you’ll be good

  36. Karen says:

    Roni Im 3 weeks today after tummy tuck.
    Just got out of Drs. I have infection so now at chemist getting tablets.
    I asked if this was normal to be so swollen and she said not as much as I am.
    So have to go back again in 3 days to get drained again.
    Such a pain as it’s over 1hr away and I have to juggle work.

  37. Roni says:

    So sorry to hear, Karen is it really bad? That’s scary

  38. Thiana says:

    Good luck Karen , also three weeks after tummy tuck today, with wound infection! It sucks ! So much pus starting coming out, left with one big hole on the left and silver dressing tucked inside me, seeing the doc everyday and if it doesn’t clear up by Thursday back to theatre for me for wound clean up !! Looks like I’m just not one of the lucky ones !! But doc says not to stress it’s gonna take longer and tummy tuck scar repair will be done!!

  39. Karen says:

    Roni mine isn’t to bad where it has split yet. I’m just scared it will cause I’ve seen pics too. Not nice.
    They think I may have picked it up quick so with strong antibiotics I may clear it quickly.
    Just need to keep up the drainage.