Can you get pregnant after a tummy tuck?

If you plan to get pregnant in the next few years then it is best to wait until after you finish having children before you proceed with a tummy tuck.

My advice is to meet with a board certified plastic surgeon and after a full consultation you can discuss options.

Perhaps you could have liposuction of your abdomen now and save the tummy tuck for later. (Mark Deutsch, MD, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon)

Tummy tuck before or after children

My advice is if you are going to have children in the next 1-2 years, then wait to have your tummy tuck.

If children are not imminent, ok to go ahead while realizing that children will never improve the appearance of your abdomen. (Christopher J. Davidson, MD, FACS, Wellesley Plastic Surgeon)

If you have not had children and plan on having children, is it recommended to have a full tummy tuck?

Can you get pregnant after a tummy tuck question

If you plan on having surgery, I would not recommend having a tummy tuck. The pregnancy will disrupt the gains achieved with the tummy tuck requiring a secondary tummy tuck, which you don’t want to have to do. Wait until you finish your pregnancies and then undergo the full tummy tuck. (George Lefkovits, MD, New York Plastic Surgeon)

Pregnancy after tummy tuck surgery will increase your chances of warranting revision surgery. Should this happen, your are most likely to continue with your pregnancy without any problems. However still, best is to wait until you are done with children for optimal outcome. (Maan Kattash, MD, FRCS, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon)

Can you get pregnant after a tummy tuck surgery

You pose an excellent question and one that is asked often. Assuming that your consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon experienced in tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and body contouring surgery leads you both to conclude that you are indeed a good candidate for surgery, the best way to think about this or any other elective cosmetic surgery is that it is a “quality of life” decision.

If you feel that your quality of life would be significantly enhanced by correcting or improving your tummy now at this phase of your life, then you can consider going ahead with it. However, if you are actively planning on starting a family at this point in your life, it might be far more prudent to delay your tummy tuck surgery since it is reasonable to expect that much of your improvement from surgery might become “undone” by one or more pregnancies, which means that you might finding yourself need to have a repeat tummy tuck.

Can you get pregnant after a tummy tuck operation

In general, we recommend scheduling such surgery until after no more pregnancies are expected, and you have reached your ideal or desired weight. Having your surgery at this point in time is much more likely to ensure a long lasting result with which you will hopefully be pleased with for many years. If you are still unsure, your best bet is to schedule your consultation to be evaluated. You are never obligated to follow through with scheduling surgery after having a consultation, but you will be that much more informed after doing so. (Ram Kalus, MD, Charleston Plastic Surgeon)

It is advised that you wait to have a tummy tuck until you are done having children. Pregnancy after a tummy tuck can stretch the tissues enough that the results are changed forever. An examination by a board certified plastic surgeon would be necessary to determine the need for a full vs. a mini tummy tuck or liposuction. (Emily J. Kirby, MD, Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon)

Most plastic surgeons are going to say wait until you are done having kids before your abdominoplasty. Do you really want to face the risk of needing it done twice? (Robert Savage, MD, Wellesley Plastic Surgeon)

Greetings, I strongly discourage my prospective full tummy tuck patients from this surgery until after they have had their children. Your pregnancy would be quite likely to undo the abdominal muscle repair and possibly recreate you pre-surgery abdominal laxity. Most patients do not want to have this surgery more than once in a lifetime. (Douglas J. Raskin, MD, DMD, Colorado Springs Plastic Surgeon)